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DashboardUsage 2.0 in Tableau


Built from the ground up with powerful new features, we are thrilled to introduce you to our completely redesigned DashboardUsage extension! DashboardUsage lets you keep track of what’s happening in your Tableau dashboards so you can perform analytics and improve the design of your dashboards. Log information about dashboard events, users and extensions!

“Improve your dashboards and perform analytics even better!”


Moving away from Google Analytics

With the introduction of the new DashboardUsage, we’re choosing to collect data and store logged events locally so you don’t have to share any data with Google Analytics anymore! This ensures a higher level of security because you decide what to do with your data. DashboardUsage uses a local database to store information and this data can be used to power other dashboards, right in Tableau!

dashboard events

Track Dashboard Events

Analysing the events on your dashboard gives you more insights in how users interact with your dashboards. Configure which of these events you want to track and use insights to improve and design better dashboards! For example, remove the filters that are never clicked and make the marks that are clicked often more prominent.

Track Client Information

With the DashboardUsage extension, you have more tracking capability than ever! Track client information such as screen resolution and installed fonts, and tailor the dashboard experience for your users to serve them better dashboards! For example, use the most common screen resolution to size your dashboards so people have the best viewing experience!

Track extension usage

Track Extension Usage

Track which extensions are present and being used. Create more awareness by knowing what extensions are being used on which dashboards so you know for example, which dashboards will be affected when you want to update one certain extension!

Super easy installation

DashboardUsage 2.0 is On Premise only. The installation of the new extension is easier than ever because there is close to no installation required! All you need are the .trex, the .env and the extension files. The entire extension is a single executable package for Windows, Linux or macOS, simply fill out your database settings in the .env file and you’re all set! 


Free Analytics Workbook

For the first time ever, our extension comes with a free Tableau workbook! This workbook connects beautifully to your DashboardUsage data and will help you get stared to perform analytics. It includes three dashboards to perform analytics on events, users and extensions.

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Governed and Secure Extensions

All our extensions are secure as we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510. Your data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance. Our products are 100% secure on premise or private cloud deployed and facilitate your workflow in Tableau, eliminating the need to move to external programs.

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Supported Database Platforms

DashboardUsage requires a database to store dashboard information. All data is stored locally so you’ll need to have a database setup. Are you not familiar with SQL Server, but still want to use the new extension? Creating a local SQL Server is really easy! You can follow this macOS guide or this Windows guide. Currently supported databases are:

Supported Databases Dashboard Usage

Enterprise-Ready Security

When company policy or IT security requires an on-premise installation or integration of the extension, we can help you organize it. This is particularly useful when your Tableau Server is not granted internet access or when you need to be in full control of the usage and management of your extension.

On-premise installations allow you to be in control of infrastructure, privacy, governance and to comply with company policies. It also allows the installation or hosting of several individual extensions. Please contact us for more information regarding on-premise installation of our extensions.

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We love to make extensions and help Tableau users to do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions, or need support, please make sure to share it with us! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest news and updates!