Infotopics | Apps for Tableau team
Merlijn Buit - CTO, Tableau Vsionary and founder of Apps for Tableau

Merlijn Buit

CTO | Founder | Tableau Visionary

Our very own Tableau Visionary Merlijn is the Tableau-guru and one of the founders of Infotopics | Apps for Tableau. He lives in a small city named Hardenberg, which is also where our office is based. As he is always the person with crazy, innovative ideas, it’s not surprising that he is responsible for creating, developing, and updating our Extensions. Merlijn lives by the rule of thinking in solutions, and that’s why he loves to turn ideas into products that customers love. In his free time, he volunteers, giving speed skate training to children and adults.

Richard van Wijk - CEO of Apps for Tableau

Richard van Wijk


Our always busy Richard is the CEO of Infotopics | Apps for Tableau. He loves to grow and improve our organization, taking care of numerous tasks and helping Tableau customers experience the value of our premium Tableau Extensions. Furthermore, he works closely with Tableau management and development. Leading the Infotopics | Apps for Tableau team gives him a lot of energy every day because customers experience enormous value using our Extensions. Essential values for him are teamwork, freedom, innovation, and having FUN! Richard was born and raised in Groningen, where he also started his career in Business Intelligence. He likes to spend time with his wife, kids, and dog in his free time. He is also very passionate about playing and coaching basketball and loves watching pro basketball at Donar Groningen.

Vizzy - Apps for Tableau mascotte


Motivator | Professional Hugger

At an early age, Vizzy was fascinated with analytics, data, and coding. Vizzy loved working on big-data and using it’s analytical mind to solve challenges. Vizzy knew that it’s love for analytics, data, and coding made it unique, and Vizzy was proud of it! Vizzy was never one to seek attention, but it’s unique appearance and love for analytical challenges made Vizzy not go unnoticed in the big forest. Apps for Tableau and Vizzy created lots of TREX files and together they supercharge Tableau with game-changing writeback capabilities, powerful visualizations, and self-service analytics for everyone.

Vizzy told its friends, family, and the entire T-Rex population in the big forest about the extensions and helped everyone see and understand data in a very easy way! Vizzy knew it could help other T-Rexes with data and coding skills, and Vizzy became known as the go-to T-Rex for technical or data related challenges in the forest and far beyond.

Ruud Hasselerharm - CFO at Apps for Tableau

Ruud Hasselerharm


Infotopics founder Ruud is our biggest fan! He loves creating (analytics) solutions that help people solve various business problems. At Infotopics | Apps for Tableau, Ruud continues to mix experience, entrepreneurship and his passion for data and technology to make the business grow. He is also responsible for showing us the correct numbers. He likes travelling, watching his food forest grow, and enjoying the outdoors while cycling or walking his Swiss shepherd Siggy in his leisure time.

Siebe Grijpma - Product Manager at Apps for Tableau

Siebe Grijpma

Product Manager

Siebe grew up in Oldenzaal, a small town in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. He has a Chemical Engineering background but quickly discovered that everything computer-related was more appealing to him than the Chemical industry. In 2012, Siebe joined Infotopics and experienced first-hand the benefits of Tableau Software. In 2018, he joined Merlijn and Tjalling in starting the division ‘Apps for Tableau’, where he fulfilled the function of Product Manager. He likes to translate customer ideas and customer use cases into improvements, enhancements, or even new extensions.

“It was the best choice of my life to become part of the Infotopics | Apps for Tableau journey!” Siebe has many hobbies that he does in his free time. One of his passions is cooking (especially on his beloved green kamado BBQ), and he also likes to do recreational cycling and photography.

Jenne Morsink - Marketing and communication at Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Jenne Morsink

Marketing & Communication

With a background in Creative Business, Jenne is our valuable allround marketeer. She brings a lot of positivity, creativity and authenticity to the team. Being in a friendly atmosphere with passionate and encouraging colleagues is why Jenne loves working at Infotopics | Apps for Tableau. Jenne thinks optimism is essential and always tries to see things positively. In her spare time, she loves to play sports, take long walks in the beautiful nature of Twente, and spend time with her friends and family. She is also very passionate about music and loves to singing.

Yoram de Langen Developer at Apps for Tableau

Yoram de Langen


Yoram likes to work with intelligent, experienced, and talented people who are, just like him, passionate about data. This passion is also why he loves his job at Infotopics | Apps for Tableau! He has an educational background in IT & Application development, which grew his love for creating websites and apps. Yoram is one of the people who create the fantastic Extensions we offer, as he is part of our Developers team. His work revolves around building our premium Tableau Extensions and improving the digital workflows of the company. Next to his job, he volunteers in the fire brigade of the city he lives. Yoram likes gaming and experimenting with projects, mainly driven by data in his spare time.

Maria Ovcharova - marketing and social media at apps for tableau

Maria Ovcharova

Marketing | Social Media

Sincerity, honesty, and respect are values Maria lives by. Maria is our social media expert with Bulgarian roots. She was born and raised in Sofia and came to the Netherlands for her Bachelor’s studies. “What I really like about The Netherlands is the informality between people, as it creates space to speak your mind, no matter your age or status.” The informality and how encouraging everyone in our team is regarding our efforts are the most valuable reasons she likes working at Infotopics | Apps for Tableau. She usually hangs out with her friends in her free time and likes to travel and experience new cultures.  

Vincent Cruickshank - sales at apps for tableau

Vincent Cruickshank


Vincent is one of the people to contact if you’re curious and want to know more about our premium Tableau Extensions, as he is part of the Sales team. Vin is originally from London, but he moved to the Netherlands and is currently learning the complex Dutch language. Vin worked as an Operations Manager at a cemetery in the UK and was involved in digitalizing the area’s maps. That experience made it easier for him to understand Tableau and quickly get on board with Infotopics | Apps for Tableau. Vin is the perfect colleague to have around when you need some positivity. He’s a big Tottenham Hotspur fan and also likes to play amateur football in his spare time. He claims he will continue with it until his body says “no more”!

Noushin Parizi - Industry Solutions Product Manager at Apps for Tableau

Noushin Parizi

Industry Solutions Product Manager

Noushin is the Industry Solutions product manager at Apps for Tableau and brings even more value to customers from different industries. As a teenager, she was obsessed with math. She realized she was obsessed with using her analytical thinking skills to solve problems. After she finished her Mathematics bachelor’s, she chose a master’s in Business Administration. She has experience in data analysis and marketing and is always open to new challenges, which is why she wanted to work at Apps for Tableau. She likes working at Apps for Tableau because it is an ambitious, cool, and intelligent environment. Food, hiking and nature are her energy sources, and she loves to discover new mountains and delicious foods while travelling. When none of that is available, she enjoys drawing and reading books.

Harm Jan Beekhuis - Developer at Apps for Tableau

Harm Jan Beekhuis


Harm Jan is one of our awesome developers with an exceptional can-do mentality. He is reliable, straightforward, and loves to make great Extensions. He grew up in Nijeveen and has always been busy constructing and programming. In addition, he did his master’s in Physics, which is closely related to programming. Helping people is his passion, whether at work or in his personal life. As a result, he takes a lifeguard job during the summer. He also likes drumming in his professional cover band, ensuring that all kinds of parties become unforgettable.

Camilla Adhiambo - Sales representative at Apps for Tableau

Camilla Adhiambo

Sales Representative

As our sales representative, Camilla works with customers to understand their needs and create solutions while ensuring a seamless sales process. She immediately felt comfortable in the diverse cultural team of Apps for Tableau as she was born in Kenya and lived in Thailand during her teenage years. She moved to the Netherlands for her bachelor’s studies and has worked as a digital sales specialist at one of the biggest social media platforms. Camilla is driven by acquiring new knowledge. She enjoys travelling, listening to music, and reading during her free time.