Hi there!

Welcome to the page that will tell you all about our company and why we love it so much. We picked five reasons that stand at the core of our company culture and make us incredibly happy to work together. Here they are!

Modern office in a historic building

Recently we moved to a new office in the Netherlands, which is located in a beautiful building that used to be a middle school. Thanks to that, we have many facilities available to use, such as a gym space and an area for sitting outside. We had the freedom to decorate our space however we want, and we did! Our walls are covered with photos of our team members. We also brought our favorite Play Station games and created a space that we genuinely enjoy spending time in.

Team sitting in outside area
team playing volleyball

Doing sports together

We certainly take advantage of having a gym in the building. We often do some stretching before work or have a quick volleyball or basketball game to let off some steam.  This is one of the activities we do to have fun together and connect with each other.

Eating lunch together

Our company culture includes always having lunch together. The most typical lunch food in the Netherlands is a toasted sandwich, so “tosti’s” is what we usually have. Some of our colleagues even bring homemade spreads for everyone to try! During the 1-hour lunch break, we love to just talk on various non-work-related topics, laugh, and get to know each other even more. Sometimes, we also go for walks in the nature surrounding our office. It’s our favorite time of the day!

team taking a walk
working together

Always helping each other

No matter how busy our day is, we always find time to help each other. We make sure to respond to the questions of others and share our knowledge and skills. We work by the following principle:

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Diverse and international team

Even though we are based in the Netherlands, our team is truly international. Apart from our Dutch team members, we also have people from India, the UK, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, and we want to increase the diversity even more! Having different cultural backgrounds and exchanging experiences is truly valuable for us and our development.

Infotopics Apps for Tableau team

If our company culture fits with your expectations for your ideal workplace, make sure to check our Career page and learn more about our job openings!