ShowMeMore extension for Tableau - add new visualization types like Sankey, Radar, Venn, Chord Diagram and Sunburst to your Tableau Dashboards


Create beautiful new visuals in Tableau with just a few clicks

The ShowMeMore extension for Tableau fills in the blanks when you need to embed visualization types not present in the default Tableau “Show me” set.
Always wanted to embed an interactive Sankey diagram to visualize flows? In urgent need for a flexible Radar Chart in your HR dashboards? Visualize a dynamic Network Graph in your Tableau dashboard to illustrate your department structure? No problem with the Show me more extension for Tableau!

This extension offers various extra visualization types not being present in the Tableau “Show me” pane.


Some of our valued customers

ShowMeMore enables stunning new visuals for Tableau

Tableau guides you towards best practice visualizations with the excellent “Show me” button but what if you need a different type of graph in your dashboard? Creating new visualizations can be challenging! ShowMeMore enables you to serve new graph types to your customers special needs!

  • Instant acces to new visualizations in Tableau

  • Autosuggest the best visualization type

  • Interact with sheets, filters, parameters and highlights

  • No programming skills – drag and drop

  • Reliable support – Tableau Gold Partner


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Getting started

Everything you need to know to get up and running

A free guide to help you get started with ShowMeMore


Super handy video tutorials to get you up and running!


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  • Free with limited features
  • Tableau Desktop – Tableau Server – Tableau Cloud
  • Always up to date
  • Requires internet access
  • Instant Download
  • Cloud based / 99% uptime
  • Support by ticketing system

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  • Billed Annually
  • 14 Day FREE Trial
  • Tableau Desktop – Tableau Server – Tableau Cloud
  • Always up to date
  • Requires internet access
  • Instant Download
  • Cloud based / 99% uptime
  • Support by ticketing system
  • Bronze: 0-50 Tableau users
  • Silver: 50-150 Tableau users
  • Gold: 150-300 Tableau users
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  • Billed Annually
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  • Tableau Desktop – Tableau Server – Tableau Cloud
  • Always up to date
  • No internet access required
  • Additional enterprise features
  • On premise installation
  • Personal enterprise support
  • Personal enterprise portal
ShowMeMore showmemore

Enterprise-Ready Security

When company policy or IT security requires an on-premise installation / integration of the extension, we can help you organize it. This is particularly useful when your Tableau Server is not granted internet access, or you need to be in full control of the usage and management of your extension.

On-premise installations allow you to be in control of infrastructure, privacy, governance, and to comply with company policies. It also allows the installation/hosting of several individual extensions. Please contact us for more information regarding on-premise installation of our extensions.

  • Be in full control of your extensions
  • Respect data governance policy
  • Comply with company security policy
  • Installation support (remote)
  • Excellent operational support (Tableau Gold Partner)
  • Updates managed by IT
  • No internet access required


Is the Waterfall Chart made directly on the data extracted or do we need to make some custom calculations?2022-02-16T11:35:34+01:00

You don’t have to create custome calculations, the extension (ShowMeMore) is doing most of the magic! 

The extension doesn’t work on Tableau Online/Server2021-09-27T15:57:59+01:00
  • Make sure the extension domain is whitelisted on Tableau Online/Server.
  • Webserver services content with proper X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy headers.
  • Extensions feature is turned on, on Tableau Online/Server.
  • The Extension server/domain has a valid SSL Certificate.
  • Tableau Online/Server has access to the Extension Server to load the extension.

You can find any issues by doing the following: While running on Tableau Online/Server in the browser open the “console” tab in Chrome Developer’s tools. To open the developers tools can be done via: Hamburger menu top right > More Tools > Developer tools. Refresh the page while the developers tools is open. Now you can see if there any issue while embedding.

Note: Tableau will show warnings with something like: ‘cannot load source map’ by default, these are not caused by our extensions. They can be identified based on the domain of the url that it warns with.

Make sure to follow our installation guide to setup the right configuration!

Common issues

CSP Header error or X-Frame-Options error.

Make sure the following headers are properly set:

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self' *;

For Tableau Server * should be your domain.

Check all security headers with the following website:

Do we need licenses to deploy the extension in development and test environments?2020-10-29T09:21:56+01:00

No, you only need licenses for your production environment and you can use the extension on your development and test environment without extra need for licenses.

Sankey Diagram is crashing2021-12-23T12:58:00+01:00

If you are running into problems building the Sankey Diagram please check the following tip:

  • Members from the used dimensions can’t be the same. This will create an endless loop and crashes the Sankey Diagram.
    • you can solve this by adding a prefix in front of your dimension. For example: ‘from’ + [from dimension] OR ‘to’ + [to dimension]
  • Dimensions can’t have empty values. The Sankey Diagram will filter this.
  • Measure can’t be 0 or below 0.

If you are still running into problems please go to our contact support page!

Why do I have to select the number of Tableau users?2021-07-12T11:50:55+01:00

The license/subscription for use of Extensions is based on the total number of users in your Tableau environment (so the Total of all Tableau Creator, Explorer and Viewer licenses). If you are on a Tableau Core model we use the average of 1000 users per 8-core license. So an Extension Subscription is based on the size of your Tableau implementation. If you are on an active subscription you can also use the extension in a DEV or TEST environment without counting your test and dev users as extension users.



How many visualizations are available in the ShowMeMore subscriptions?2021-12-06T16:23:34+01:00

Show me More contains these visuals at the moment:

  1. Sankey Diagram
  2. Venn Diagram
  3. Chord Diagram
  4. Ridgeline Plot
  5. Radar Chart
  6. Horizon Chart
  7. Network Chart
  8. Sunburst chart
  9. Organization Chart
  10. Calendar Chart

The number of visulizations will grow in the future as we constantly search for easier ways to visualize your data!

Do I need an internet connection to use the ShowMeMore extension?2021-12-06T16:23:45+01:00

Yes and No, if you are using Show me More free, create or share you will need an internet connection to access our cloud machines. But if you bought Show me More enterprise you won’t need a internet connection.

Does Infotopics | Apps for Tableau use my data?2021-12-06T16:24:03+01:00

No! We do not send data back to the Apps for Tableau machine! You download our extensions to your machine and all the rendering resides on your PC only.

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