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The ultimate on-premises solution for Tableau Write-Back Capabilities

Collaborate, forecast, run surveys and more directly under the safety and governance of Tableau.

Trusted by 600 companies in 150 countries.

Add, delete or edit existing data behind a Tableau visualization.

Tableau helps people see and understand data and ensure that, in the process of exploring and analyzing data, there are no changes made to the data. Most analytics tools are based on strictly read-only technology but sometimes users want to have the ability to add, delete or edit existing data behind a Tableau visualization and instantly see how those changes are reflected in the Viz.

WriteBackExtreme Capabilities.

Add Data

Add or change data that is connected to the visualizations present in your dashboard and immediately see the changes.
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Data Helper

Create, edit and delete records from your custom table without changing existing data and eliminate Excel-based workflows.
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Data Correction

Perform data corrections from dashboards where inconsistencies are detected using the full audit trails with rollback capabilities.
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Management Console

Use the highly configurable, governance-induced Management Console and authorized access to different roles of users.
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Learn about WriteBackExtreme’s Enterprise-ready data security, supported databases and custom Single Sign-On providers.
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Dan Sofron - Performance, Automation & Insights at Pfizer

“Everybody is using the dashboards made with WriteBackExtreme because it’s straightforward and intuitive. People know what they have to do. If you want to make your life easier, use extensions. It helps a lot.”

– Dan Sofron, Network & Market Architect at Pfizer

“Everybody is using the dashboards made with WriteBackExtreme because it’s straightforward and intuitive. People know what they have to do. If you want to make your life easier, use extensions. It helps a lot.”

– Dan Sofron, Network & Market Architect at Pfizer

Learn from real life use cases.

More flexibility, better analysis, and actionable insights with DrillDownTree DrillDownTree Tableau Analytics

Detecting fraudulent transactions & merchants by Fraudio

How Pfizer transformed data insights and boosted efficiency

The value of Plan-Do-Check-Act in Tableau by Cooper

Save time with WriteBackExtreme in Tableau Industry save time tableau

Learfield saving vast amounts of time using WriteBackExtreme

WriteBackExtreme in action with pre-built solutions.

Risk management solution in Tableau

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Elevate Your Data Interactions with the ultimate solution that transforms how you manage and collaborate on critical data. With WriteBackExtreme, real-time analysis and action become paramount, enabling you to seamlessly interact with your data. Empower your team, safeguard data integrity, and drive impactful decisions with WriteBackExtreme. Experience a new era of data engagement that revolutionizes your workflows and reshapes the way you work.

Campaign Management

The Power of WriteBackExtreme in real-time campaign Management

Experience a revolutionary approach to campaign management that seamlessly blends efficiency with data-driven precision. This comprehensive ecosystem of Tableau dashboards effortlessly navigates the entire campaign lifecycle, addressing the complexities of measuring campaign effectiveness. At the heart of this transformative solution lies WriteBackExtreme, a game-changing extension that automates contact record updates, propelling operational efficiency to new heights. Experience a transformation in real-time campaign tracking, data-guided decision-making, and optimised resource allocation.

“WriteBackExtreme gives us a very good advantage compared to competitors, as we can provide our customers with dashboards that have editing functionalities”

– Aline Léonard, Data Visualization Specialist at Fraudio

Aline Leonard - Data Visualization Specialist at Fraudio

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Installation Guide

Install the extension in your Windows or Linux environment

Get Started

How to configure and use the WriteBackExtreme extension

A free guide to help you get started with WriteBackExtreme


Everything you need to know to get started

Super handy video tutorials to get you up and running 


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Revolutionize your data with trusted partners.

The Apps for Tableau partner network is a trusted and experienced team of consulting and reseller partners, dedicated to serving professionals worldwide in their native language.

Discover how WriteBackExtreme can revolutionize the way you handle data, enabling you to make better-informed decisions and achieve remarkable outcomes in your industry. Locate one of our trustworthy partners and start optimizing your data-driven journey.

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Secure on-premises solutions.

Governance and Security are one of the biggest priorities in developing Apps for Tableau Products. All our products are available as on-premises solutions, we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510 and our data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance.


Do you have a partner programme?2023-08-30T14:24:01+01:00

Yes! You can find a partner overview here.

Do you offer a free trial for WriteBackExtreme Enterprise?2023-08-30T15:05:47+01:00

Yes, please use the contact form on the pricing page.

Does Apps for Tableau look at any of my data?2023-08-30T14:22:28+01:00

No, we have no access to your environment. WriteBackExtreme does not require any internet connection and therefore we will never have access to your environment.

Which databases are supported?2023-08-30T15:05:03+01:00

Please have a look at the WriteBackExtreme features page to find the latest list of supported databases. 

Do you offer installation support?2023-08-30T14:21:22+01:00

Yes, you can contact us for the possibilities.

Do you offer WriteBackExtreme as On-Premises solutions?2023-08-30T14:20:44+01:00

Yes, this is our main deployment method of WriteBackExtreme.

Do you offer WriteBackExtreme as a SAAS solution?2023-08-30T14:20:17+01:00

Yes, we offer WriteBackExtreme as a SaaS Solution, please contact sales for more information. 

How do I upgrade or install WriteBackExtreme?2023-09-21T12:36:57+01:00

The advanced installation, testing, and setup procedure for WriteBackExtreme on Windows is incredibly user-friendly. No technical expertise is required and there is no need for additional products like IIS. View the installation manual for Windows here. For Linux we have a different installation procedure which you can find here.