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We have very exciting news for WriteBackExtreme users! Today, we are launching Write Back Extreme version 1.1.0. This release is focused on new Database Connections, an improved engine to support more databases in the future, Security improvements, UI overhauls, many minor and major improvements and enhancements to all products (extension, backend and API). We have also upgraded all our internal packages to the latest version to make sure our product is secure.

Write back extreme

New UI

The biggest visual change you will find is in the WriteBackExtreme – Management Console. We did a massive UI overhaul to give the product a more calmer look. We have improved every page, removed elements and added explanation to parts which needed some.

Snowflake connector

With the release of 1.1.0, we support Snowflake as an official database connection with our improved database engine. You can use Snowflake to create schemas and do write back actions. It is also possible to connect to existing tables using the data correction module.


PostgreSQL connector

With the release of 1.1.0, we support PostgreSQL as an official database connection! You can use PostgreSQL as a system database AND to create schemas and do write back actions. It is also possible to connect to existing tables using the data correction module.

Improved Licensing

You can already easily upgrade your WriteBackExtreme environment with our updater in the management console. We have also added a license updated in the Management Console. You can easily replace your license without the need to go to your server and replace a file.

Improvements to Management console

  • [UI] New management console UI, aligning more with Tableau Server.
  • [UI] Added license window for better license management.
  • [Connections] Support for Snowflake.
  • [Connections] Support for PostgreSQL.
  • [Connections] Added missing fields for Snowflake connection.
  • [Connections] Added messages for snowflake connection.
  • [Connections] Improved connection editing for a smoother UX.
  • [Connections] Added several loader messages to improve UX.
  • [Connections] Added colorpicker component, mainly for connections.
  • [Migrations] Improvements to migrations page
  • [Schema] Added nullable option for dates and paragraph fields
  • [Schema] Removed multiple option for dropdown
  • [Schema] Disabled a few edit schema options because of database restrictions and issues:
  • [Schema] Rename table is fixed
  • [Schema] Change field types for Boolean, Number, Dates and Paragraphs
  • [Schema]  Disabled nullable checkbox for all field types
  • [Schema] Allow nullable on edit for new fields.
  • [Schema] Hide nullable field for non-existing schemas, all fields are by default nullable.
Write Back Extreme extension for Tableau - Show the extension in a popup window to save vauable dashboard space

Improvements to Extension

  • Added new Apps for Tableau logo
  • Removed prefix and suffix from textarea elements.
  • [Collaboration] Improved field formatting for custom fields
  • Fixed issue where multiple schemas with same module showing same data.
  • Improved button position of ‘Config’ button and ‘Add’ button
  • Added link to documentation/product guide.
  • Fix type differences for some properties.
  • Fixed moving fields up/down in form builder
  • Fixed moving schemas up/down in connections overview
  • Fixed default values for numbers not displaying.
  • Fixed bulk edit nullables.
  • [All] Added ‘Default Value’ functionality to ‘Data Helper’ and ‘Add Data’
  • [Datacorrect] Fixed bulk edit after updating the number field in 1.0.6.
  • [Collaboration] Fixed search on created_at user

Improvements to our internal engine

  • Moved schemas and connections into the database.
  • Improved schema detection.
  • Internal packages upgrades
  • Added Snowflake schema only support.
  • Added PostgreSQL schema detection support.
  • Added order field for schema_fields.
  • [FIX] fixed saving and creating groups.
  • Improved license command to allow for argument license to validate.
  • Encrypt secrets fields for database connections.
  • On create all fields (except boolean) will be nullable by default.
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Installation Manual (Linux)

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