What’s New in Infotopics | Apps for Tableau 

Updates, developments and product highlights

Your input has been great again! Our What’s New in November 2021 was a success filled with all kind of new cool updates on our latest Extensions! We have showed new features, demo’s and we gave a sneak peek into what is coming! You can find an overview with all the recordings of the What’s New Event from November 2021 below!



  • Feedback Form in the dashboard to collect input

  • Map input for elements

  • Dynamic Default Values


  • Multiple Dashboard designs

  • Configure options in the EasyDesigns Extension 

  • Match your corporate identity and synchronize your layout in your workbook ánd file it on your server!


  • 4 NEW FEATURES -Max Depth, Print Button, Tooltip, Sort on Names, Configurable Pop Up button

  • Analytics Pane


  • Radart Chart improvements: Filters

  • Spatial Sankey on top of a map


  • New dashboard action type

  • More advanced features: Custom CSS & Custom Javascript

  • New dimensions: HTML, Markdown and Emoji


  • Brand new visualization: The Waterfall Chart


  • 11:25 – Teams in Tableau

  • 14: 10 – Advanced calculations in Tableau


A lot of questions came in and unfortunately we couldn’t answer all of them through the live Q&A in our event but they have been answered in the FAQ you can find here!

Can you add p-values to advanced calculations?2021-11-22T12:32:21+01:00

We will definetely investigate possibilities and would love to cooperate about this!

Does GA extension work only for Desktop version or also can be used to track user activity in dashboard published on server?2021-11-17T19:52:24+01:00

It also works on published Dashboards. Really powerful to know what your users are interacting on in your dashboard.

Advanced Calculations extension looks amazing, when will it be released?2021-11-17T19:51:41+01:00

That depends on the feedback. We are aiming for this year (2021), and the more feedback we get the faster we can release it.

EasyDesigns corporate designs look like a huge timesaver, is it also possible to have multiple corporate designs?2021-11-17T19:51:23+01:00

Yes, of course, it is possible you just need to make multiple designs and you store them in separate files and drop them in the folder how it is showed in the demo of Easy Designs. So, it is definitely possible, you can make a header layout or a content layout for example.

What databases are supported with WriteBackExtreme?2022-04-04T11:39:57+01:00

Currently we support branches of SQL, we support MySQL, MicrosoftSQL and PostgreSQL. We also support a few cloud data warehouses like Snowflake and Amazon Redshift and Synapse and we also support the Oracle database for the WriteBackExtreme extension.