Process Mining

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Visualize and analyze your processes in Tableau creating interactive process maps based on log file extractions.


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This Process Mining extension for Tableau helps you govern, control and optimize your business processes using the powerfull engines of Tableau.

If you want to visualize the actual processes in your organization based on cases in your your process log files, just connect our extension to your Process log data and it automatically creates your process flow chart. Get instant insight in all sub processes, outliers, deviations, process bottlenecks and more. Use the interactivity of Tableau to enable users to filter and zoom in on specific cases, periods, process steps (nodes) or connections (Links) of your process to analyze, optimize or adjust your processes.


Spot the bottlenecks in your process and focus on what’s really important for your business. You don’t have to use an external tool, you can analyze your business process the way you are used to do your analytics; in Tableau!

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Automated process discovery

The Process Mining extension will do the modeling so you can focus on the analysis of your processes. The Process Mining extension automatically creates beautiful process maps that help you gain insights based on your process log files. The extension supports Tableau’s dashboard interactions which allow you to change the level of aggregation or filter on the parts you’re specifically interested in while analyzing your process data. Interactions with the Process Mining extension are bi-directional, you can select nodes or links in your Process map to gain detailed insights in your Tableau visualizations or you can use your Tableau visualizations to influence the focus of your process map.


Happy Paths

With the Happy Path function in the Process Mining extension, you define what steps your preferred process exists of and the process map will visually support this. Working with Happy Paths makes it easy to spot outliers or deviations of your standard process in your daily process executions.


Process Mining working with Happy Paths

Process Mining Happy Paths – Define and visualize your preferred paths and spot de deviations


Share your process analysis on Tableau Server or Tableau Online

You don’t need to be a process mining expert to use the Process Mining extension for Tableau. Let the extension do the work for you with the granularity or level of aggregation you configure. Once you’ve created your process analysis at the desired level, you are ready to share your Process insights and results with other Tableau users by publising your dashboards on Tableau Server or Tableau Online at no extra costs.

Share delivery process analysis with your logistics department and the webshop conversion analysis with the Sales department. Your users will be able to analyse their part of the process in a way they are used to in working with Tableau.


Spot the outlier and zoom in on individual cases

The Process Mining extension for Tableau can unveil such suprising information that you will end up at a point where you can’t believe your own eyes. Has this really happened? In the cases view you can quickly inspect the full history of the relevant cases, and find them with lightning-fast live search feature. You can see which cases follow the sunny day process path and which are exceptions.


Process Mining for Tableau - Spot the outlier and analyze individual cases from the process map or the detail sheets in your dashboards

Process Mining for Tableau – Spot the outlier and analyze individual cases from the process map or the detail sheets in your dashboards


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