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WriteBackExtreme One-Command Installer Guide

Install WriteBackExtreme on Linux with a single click

The following guide provides extra context to the One-Click Installation Wizard for WriteBackExtreme, getting you on the way to realising your writeback use-cases as soon as possible!


Welcome to the installation guide for WritebackExtreme on Linux. This document will guide you through the process of installing WritebackExtreme on supported Linux distributions. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a successful installation

System Requirements

WritebackExtreme has been tested on the following Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 or later
  • Debian 10 and newer
  • Red Hat 8 and newer

For other distributions, please contact our support team for assistance.

Note: Ensure that your system is up-to-date before proceeding with the installation.


There are a few prerequisites and things you’ll need before the installation:

  • Operating System: An up-to-date Linux system (Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 10+, Red Hat 8+).
  • Connectivity: Internet connectivity is required for downloading dependencies.
  • Permissions: sudo privileges are necessary for executing installation commands.
  • A web domain, for example, <https://extension.company.com> (create a DNS entry) which points to the host of WriteBackExtreme.
  • SSL certificates for the above domain (the installation requires the domain’s `.crt` and private `.key` file, or a `.pfx` file).
  • Server Resources: 4 vCPU, 8Gb, 50Gb application disk space, 100Mbps or 1Gbps network-interface
  • Firewall rules permit access on the port the application will run on. Both internal, external, network and server-firewall.
  • Temporary open port 8081. The installation will temporarily boot up a server on port 8081 to enable a web based installation.

Please note that Tableau requires extensions to be running on HTTPS/SSL connection and therefore required!

Pre-installation Checklist

Before starting the installation process, the following items should be collected and stored in a way they can be accessed during installation.

The executable and license file can be downloaded from the Apps for Tableau portal (https://my-appsfortableau.infotopics.com). Visit the “Products” page on the portal to locate the WritebackExtreme installation files designed for Linux. Download the pertinent installation files to your local system. Securely transfer the downloaded files to your target server, ensuring accessibility for subsequent installation steps.

A HTTPS webdomain is required, and in turn requires a SSL certificate. Both the .key and .crt or PFX files are required in the installation process.

The last requirement is a running database that will function as a repository database for WriteBackExtreme. This is a MySQL (min 5.7), SQL Server (min 2016) or PostgreSQL database.

We require internet access during the installation procedure.

Unzip files

  1. Navigate to the directory where the WritebackExtreme installation files have been uploaded.
    cd /path/to/upload/folder
  1. Unzip the downloaded package.
    unzip writebackextreme-linux-amd64.zip

Ensure you are in the correct upload folder location before proceeding with the unzip operation.

Run Installation Script

  1. Navigate to the extracted directory:
    cd /path/to/unzipped/folder
  1. Execute the installation script. This script will set up the latest PHP 8.2 version on your system and update the existing PHP installation if needed.
    # Ensure to run install.sh with root/sudo permissions
    sudo ./install.sh

The application will be installed to the following location: /usr/local/share/writebackextreme/
Full path for binary: /usr/local/share/writebackextreme/writebackextreme-amd64

  1. Follow any on-screen prompts as needed. Upon successful installation, the application will automatically initiate its installation/upgrade process. The installation completion prompt typically appears as follows:
  2. The distinction between “Network” and “Local” lies in the accessibility of the provided IP/URL. When set to “Network,” the application can be accessed from within the network, while “Local” restricts access to the local machine only.

The application will use port 8081 during the installation process.

  1. Open the appropriate “Network” URL in a web browser to commence the application installation process. Once the installation and configuration procedures are concluded, it is strongly advised to close the installation/configuration interface.

Installation Steps

The installation wizard for WriteBackExtreme consists of several steps guiding you through the installation process. For further details, please follow the descriptions below.

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