Linux WBE Installation

This installation manual guides you through the installation of the Write Back Extreme extension on Linux.

Skill level

To follow along, knowledge of installing a webserver on Linux is required.

Operating System

This manual is written for Linux Ubuntu LTS 20.04.


The following topics will be outside the scope of this manual:

  • Configuring the firewall
    • Webserver: 80/443
    • MySQL: 3306
    • MSSQL: 1433

Points of attention

  • Avoid using passwords containing a period “.” This will break connections and result in unexpected behaviour.

1. Preparation

For the purpose of this manual, you should use the bash terminal with sudo privileges:

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Create the installation folder for the extension:

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Make sure that we use the correct OS (Ubuntu or other LTS system):

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Update dependency packages:

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(Redhat) Change SELinux:

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2. Installing a webserver

In order to use Write Back Extreme, you need to run a webserver. Our recommendation for a webserver is NGINX, due to its lightweight and static file performance. Alternatively, you can install Apache2 or others depending on the operating system. Select your preferred webserver below and follow te installation steps:

3. Installing PHP 7.4.15 or higher

To use Write Back Extreme you need to setup PHP correctly. We’d recommend installing PHP-FPM because it’s a standalone PHP instance. Other PHP instances require and run-only with Apache2. Check what version of PHP is currently installed:

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Install PHP

Add the following settings to php.ini to be able to upload extension-upgrade files:

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Restart PHP

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