Management Console

The Management Console of the WriteBackExtreme extension is the place to start your journey. With the Management Console you can manage and control the configuration and authorization of the schemas, database connections, extension updates and its users. The Management Console is a web application that can either be opened in a modal window in your Tableau dashboard or directly in your favorite browser. The entire extension (including the Management Console) will be hosted on-premise or in your private cloud behind your secure firewalls.

Management Console of the Write Back Extreme extension for Tableau

The URL of your Management Console is the base url of your WriteBackExtreme extension (that can be found in the trex file) with “/backend” as a suffix. The URL to the Management Console of the WriteBackExtreme Gallery Demo for instance is: user: writeback pass: adminadmin

Ease of use

Through the guiding web-interface of the Management Console you will be able to setup your write-back use case in minutes. After configuring your WriteBack use case in the Management Console you can instantly use it in Tableau Dashboards and share it with your fellow dashboard users. The Management Console is available to authenticated users. Authenticated users can manage users, extension updates, database connections and schema’s.

Management Console versus Front end configuration

Within the Management Console you can setup your Database connections and write back scenario’s (or schema’s). After you set up and stored a new schema and selected the database and module that fit your use case, you can start configuring the behavior and appearance of the extension in your Tableau Dashboard. This is what we call the Front-End configuration. The extension will automatically connect to the back-end and authenticate you. In the extension you will also be provided with a step by step setup. Here you can select your newly created use case and start doing write back actions! Let’s find out more about the pages you find in the Management Console.


Manage Schemas

A schema is the collection which contains everything about your use-case. The schema will contain information about the selected database, module, user groups and the configuration of the structure of the write-back table. Whenever you create a new schema you have to choose one of our modules first. Depending on the selected module the setup of your schema will be different.

Create a new schema

Below you will find the steps to create a new schema. In this example we create a schema with the DATA HELPER module. Click on the first image and a slideshow will show up. use your right arrow to see the next image, use your left arrow to see the previous image.

Below you see an animated gif that illustrates the entire process of creating a new schema. At the end of the animation it also shows how to edit an existing field, just by opening the schema, select the field you want to change and save your changes. The fields available to add to your form are listed below. 

Single Line Text
Paragraph Text
Boolean (Yes/No)
Dropdown Select

Create a new schema in the Management Console of the Write Back Extreme extension for tableau


Set Schema permissions

If you want your schema to be available for all users, you don’t have to set any permissions. If you want a selected group of users to enjoy the schema you set permissions on the schema. Below an animated gif on how to set permissions on a specific schema. When editing permissions, only groups who have access to the schema will be visible. If you want to learn how to create groups, click here.

Set Group Permissions on a schema with the Write Back Extreme Management Console


Audit Tab

Review the changes made to data in the schema. Here you can see what user made what change (create, delete, update or rollback), when it was made and even the specific attached record.