Join the flow

“We have a great team that delivers premium extensions with a lot of value.”

– Richard van Wijk |  CEO

Webdeveloper with a passion for data

We are looking for a creative, experienced, and motivated web expert to join our Developers team and support the building of new products. We are always encouraging innovative ideas and will assist you in turning an idea into a concept and finally into a product. In addition, questions often come in from customers from all over the world, asking for new features or suggesting ideas. Part of your job is to solve these inquiries, as it results in happy customers! And lastly, you get to collaborate on every facet of the company – Technical, UI, UX, and Marketing, website.

Sales Representative

We grow very fast and have loads of interested organizations like Nintendo, Siemens and Pfizer that want to know more about our products and buy them. We like to add a communicative employee who can help understand customers’ obstacles and translates them into solutions. Someone who feels comfortable in a multidisciplinary team!

Are you an energetic colleague who wants to contribute to the success of our organization? Do you have broad interests and a customer-oriented view to understand and help our customers with their data use cases? Then we challenge you to come and talk to us!

Open Application

Do you think our company culture fits with your expectations for your ideal workplace and you can deliver value to our team? If that’s the case, please apply for our open vacancy!