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We have a great team that delivers premium extensions with a lot of value. Our goal is to keep delivering the best premium quality and high-value premium Tableau Extensions worldwide that people love!

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Write Back Extreme

Three write back modules to eliminate Excel from your workflow: Data Helper, Add Data and Data Correction.

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Elemnts premium Tableau Extension

Style your dashboard easily with customizable and scalable containers. Have your Corporate Identity propagate throughout your dashboards.

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Process Mining in Tableau - Get Instant insights in your process by analyzing and visualizing your Process Event Logs

Get instant insight in all sub processes, outliers, deviations, process bottlenecks and more while using the interactivity of Tableau

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DashboardUsage 2.0

Dashboard Usage 2.0

Keep track of what’s happening on your Tableau dashboards. Log information about dashboard events, users and extensions and create better designed dashboards.

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PictureThis extension for Tableau - ad dynamic and interactive Image grids to your Tableau Dashboards to use as filter or be filtered upon. The ultimate must have for Retail Customers

Use a list of dynamic images in your Tableau dashboards to give your users intuitive filter controls.

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SuperTables extension for Tableau Add Excel like tables to your dashboards and let users experience freedom in Tableau Tables

The most powerful tables for your Tableau dashboards. Pivot, group, drill-down and filter your tables in just a click.

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ShowMeMore extension for Tableau - add new visualization types like Sankey, Radar, Venn, Chord Diagram and Sunburst to your Tableau Dashboards

Add extra visualization types to your Dashboards. Need a Sankey Diagram or Radar Chart, get started with this extension.

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DashboardGuide extension for Tableau - Boost your User Engagement by adding rich formatted help screens to your Tableau dashboards

Create stunning dialogs with images, YouTube video, formatted text and more! Guide users through your dashboards.

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Drill Down Tree extension for Tableau. Let your users drill down on any path they want... Freedom to the dashboard users

The drill down tree is a valuable tool for ad hoc exploration and conducting root cause analysis in your Tableau Dashboards.

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Performance Insight extension for tableau - analyze and be adviced on performance improvements of your Tableau Dashboard

This free extension tells you how to improve Tableau Dashboard Performance. Get started and boost performance with expert advice.

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ScrollyTelling - Next level Storytelling, tell real interactive stories in Tableau while you scroll your dashboard

Next level storytelling in Tableau. Allow dynamic settings of filters, highlights and parameters when scrolling your dashboard

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Employing the world’s most advanced five camera panoramic image capture system, right inside Tableau!

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UserSync Tool

User synchronization with Tableau Server - Suersync tool to synchronize users between your identirt provider and Tableau Server

Synchronize Accounts and Groups from any Identity Store with Tableau Server. Automatically add new users to authorization groups on your Tableau Server.


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Tableau Mail Scheduler

Tableau Server Mail Scheduler - formerly known as PDF Scheduler. Send emails with PDF or images of your dashboards on the schedule

Send personalized dashboards as PDF, CSV or inline images by mail. Use Dashboards from multiple workbooks, apply filters and parameters to personalize.

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Governed and Secure Extensions

All our extensions are secure as we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510. Your data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance. Our products are 100% secure on premise or private cloud deployed and facilitate your workflow in Tableau, eliminating the need to move to external programs.

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