Data Security.

Why our products are safe and secure

Vizzy security

Tableau Extensions (t.rex files) are web applications that can connect to dashboard data and respond to various dashboard interactions, enhancing dashboards with unique capabilities, adding more value to users’ workflow and expanding the possibilities in Tableau. With the .trex file, Tableau desktop users are enabled to use and configure Extensions, and they are governed & secured by Tableau. By offering both on-premises and SaaS solutions, we provide flexibility and control to organizations while following strict data protection standards.

Enterprise subscription

🔒 Secure on-premises Solutions

We recognize the importance of on-premises solutions for customers seeking complete control over their data. As part of the Enterprise plan, we offer on-premises installations that enable organizations to host Extensions behind their firewalls. This approach ensures full control over updates and data security, enabling organizations to establish a trusted environment. The on-premises Extensions do not require internet access and are completely secure behind customers’ own security system.

Enterprise subscription

Securely deploy Extensions

The on-premises subscription allows you to securely deploy the Extensions to your organization’s infrastructure, giving you access to updates and license keys via a secured Personal Customer Portal. Furthermore, there are product guides, tutorial videos, and installation manuals provided as additional resources to ensure a seamless deployment.

Saas or share subscription

🔒 SaaS Solutions

For customers opting for the Share Cloud Subscription, we follow strict security practices to protect data. The web server(s) used for the SaaS solution only maintain access logs in accordance with our Privacy Policy and End-User License Agreement (EULA). These practices aim to enhance product functionality and improve the user experience while upholding user privacy. None of your actual data is accessed or stored by the cloud.

Talking about the What, Why, How and Security of the Extensions API – Tableau Conference Berlin 2019

By Merlijn Buit – Tableau Visionary, CTO & Founder of Apps for Tableau

Share or Enterprise?

Do you want to learn more about the differences between SaaS and on-premises subscriptions? This blog serves as the essential guide to help you make the most appropriate subscription choice for your organization’s needs.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

Apps for Tableau operates from the Netherlands in Europe, adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Being GDPR compliant, we ensure that the processing and storage of customer data align with the requirements and principles outlined in the regulation.

Best practices and support

We recommend following additional data security guidelines provided by Tableau regarding Tableau Dashboard Extensions. These guidelines offer valuable insights and best practices to enhance the security posture of Tableau deployments while utilizing Extensions effectively. We offer support options to assist customers in resolving any data security concerns or technical issues. Whether utilizing on-premises solutions or SaaS deployments, customers can reach out to our support team to address their specific needs promptly.