ProcessMining in Tableau: Unveil Your Business Insights.

Optimize efficiency and effectiveness by gaining insights, enabling informed decision-making and controlling your business processes.

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ProcessMining in Tableau

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is an analytical approach that empowers organizations to unveil, track, and enhance their operational business procedures with precision and clarity by using existing data contained within event logs from organizations’ information systems.

Instead of relying on assumptions, process mining provides an insightful and accurate impression of how a process unfolds. It serves as a tool for auditing, analyzing, and refining processes, addressing both compliance and performance inquiries. It illuminates the hidden complexity of operations, enabling informed decision-making to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

Be in control over your business processes.

Detect bottlenecks

Improve your customer experience and deliver the most valuable customer journey by detecting bottlenecks in your processes. Spot outliers, bottlenecks and side paths, and use filters and actions to pinpoint your areas of interest.

Optimize processes

ProcessMining can be used to optimize many business processes in your organization like purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, service processes, HR processes, logistics processes, mortgage processes, ICT requests, and many more.

Reduce time and costs

When having fact-based, objective insights in these processes, it is easy to detect the bottlenecks and improve the process as you have continuous insights. This reduces through-put time, costs and waste. Create business value in various ways.

Kelly D. Myers

“When we show information about specific diseases or processes and stakeholders see the patterns our technologies discover, even if they don’t fully understand AI, it helps them to understand and trust the output of our models.”

Kelly D. Myers – CEO & Founder Atomo