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Happy Path

Happy path in ProcessMining in Tableau

The Happy Path is like planning the ideal way for things to happen, even if it’s not necessarily the most common way. When you notice something deviating from this ideal path, it’s a signal that something might be off-track and needs attention.

KPI Switch

KPI cards in ProcessMining in Tableau

Look at your process from different angles, and change what you want to see on the labels in your process map. It’s like having a switch to show different kinds of information like how long it takes for specific cases to move through the process, the average time, or other custom measurements based on your data.

Detail Slider (variants)

Detail slider in ProcessMining in Tableau

The Detail Slider enables you to look at different ways things can happen in your process. Imagine looking at a map of all the routes people take to work. The Detail Slider helps you focus on just the main highways or the less-traveled roads, depending on what you want to see. It’s like zooming in on the roads that matter most.


Animations in ProcessMining in Tableau

Picture a little show on your process map where tiny dots move along the path. These dots represent real cases moving through your process. The size and speed of these dots can tell you where things might be slowing down, kind of like seeing where cars get stuck in a traffic jam. It helps you spot the bottlenecks in your processes.

Variant Analysis

Variant Analysis in ProcessMining in Tableau

Help your organization work more efficiently by understanding how different ways of doing things in your process stack up. The Variant Analysis helps you see different ways your processes can happen and ranks them by how often they happen, so you can tell which ones are normal and which are unusual.


KPIS in ProcessMining in Tableau

KPIs are like scorecards that tell you how well your process is doing. They show if your process is meeting its goals. By keeping an eye on these scorecards, you can figure out where things might be going wrong and make improvements. By paying attention to these numbers, you can figure out where your process might need improvement.

Key Features

  • Process Mining with Tableau visuals

  • Theming Capabilities

  • Custom Activity Shapes

  • Path Styling Customization

  • Custom Measure Formatting

  • Custom Animation Options

  • Interactive Dashboard Actions

  • Informative Tooltips

  • Smooth Transition Effects

  • Pagination Controls

  • Sorting

  • Parameter-Driven Actions

  • Value-Driven Node and Link Coloring

  • Data Limit option for testing

  • Variant Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

  • Analytics Customization

  • Comprehensive Formatting

  • Process Mapping and Flow Control:

  • Versatile Layouts

  • Effortless PDF Export

  • Configurable Happy Path

  • Detail Sliders

Secure on-premises solutions.

Governance and Security are one of the biggest priorities in developing Apps for Tableau Products. All our products are available as on-premises solutions, we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510 and our data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance.


Does this product work on phone and tablet?2023-10-13T12:44:55+01:00


Can I trigger actions from Variants, Activities, and Paths using the Detail Slider?2023-09-22T09:59:42+01:00

Yes, the Detail Slider empowers you to initiate actions from Variants, Activities, and Paths within your process map. This dynamic feature enables you to zoom in on specific variants, delve deeper into activities, or explore different process paths, providing a more tailored and interactive experience to help you make informed decisions. 

What role do Animations play in process analysis?2023-09-22T09:59:28+01:00

Animations add a dynamic element to your process map, visually simulating cases moving through activities. They help you understand waiting times, highlight bottlenecks, and provide a more interactive view of your process flow, aiding in process optimization. 

How can I configure a “Happy Path,” and why is it important?2023-09-22T09:59:13+01:00

You can configure a “Happy Path” in Process Mining as an ideal route for your processes. It’s essential because it helps you quickly identify when processes deviate from your preferred path, signaling potential issues that require attention and correction. 

What’s the difference between KPI Bar and KPI Switch?2023-09-22T09:58:54+01:00

The KPI Bar provides a summary of key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visual format, while KPI Switch (Kip’s) allows you to dynamically switch between KPIs displayed in the process map node labels, enabling advanced analysis based on your preferences.

How does Variants Analysis help improve my processes?2023-09-22T09:58:27+01:00

Variants Analysis helps identify different ways processes can occur and ranks them by frequency. It highlights mainstream processes and outliers, enabling you to streamline operations and eliminate bottlenecks for better efficiency. 

What data do I need to create a process map using these features?2023-09-22T09:58:10+01:00

You only need basic data, including a unique case ID and the activities involved in your process. While optional, you can also include timestamps (date and time) for the start and end of each activity for more detailed analysis. 

How do I upgrade or install ProcessMining?2023-09-21T10:13:34+01:00

We have an extensive installation guide provided here and you can find the ProcessMining product guide here

How safe is the product?2023-10-13T10:29:53+01:00

Apps for Tableau products are safe and secure. Our products are penetration tested by an independent company every year, you can request the pentest report by contacting sales. Besides that, our company is ISO27001 certified and our on-premises subscriptions can run fully without the need of a internet connection. You can find more about data security here.

Can I request new features?2023-10-13T10:30:10+01:00

Of course! Our products thrive on customer feedback, feel free to contact us with your feature requests.