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Better insight into your data through drill-down actions!

A dashboard is designed to take the user as close to an action that improves your organization’s performance and the deeper you dig into the data, the more questions you will find. These questions enable you to look at the information and analyze it from different points of view. DrillDownTree allows users to explore specific information in a dashboard from different angles by shifting from an overview of data to a more detailed picture using the same dataset. It’s a great data exploration tool for ad hoc analysis and root cause analysis.

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Drill down tree Tableau


DrillDownTree allows you to drill down on any measure to any dimension you wish. The extension offers a flexible DrillDownTree for dashboard users. You can visualize data across multiple dimensions without setting up hierarchies upfront.


 DrillDownTree automatically aggregates data and enables drilling down into dimensions in any random order the user chooses without having to create Tableau hierarchies upfront.


DrillDownTree is a valuable tool for ad hoc exploration by your dashboard users and conducting root cause analysis in your Tableau Dashboards. It hugely contributes to the self-service of your dashboard users in an easy and understandable self-guiding way.

Drill down tree Tableau

Pop-up Mode

Pop up mode in DrillDownTree

Do you just want the DrillDownTree to show up when users click a button or select a mark in your dashboard? This is possible using the “Pop-Up” mode of DrillDownTree. Format the popup button to suit your corporate identity and dashboard color style.

Print your Tree

Print your Tableau DrillDownTree

Creating multiple DrillDownTree vizzes to print and share will allow you to tell your story by highlighting areas of success and other areas which may need investigating. This Print feature works with Tableau Cloud and Server.

Analytics Pane

Analytics pane DrillDownTree

The analytics pane enables the user to explore data in a more efficient way. Great new features such as sorting on a dimension, changing the measure that’s being drilled down on, print button and more! When drilling down on your data, use the analytics pane as a tool to get instant insight whilst staying in the flow.

Ad hoc and Root-Cause Analysis

Ad hoc and Root cause analysis in Tableau

A good use case for using the DrillDownTree is ad hoc and root-cause analysis. In this case, you want to transfer from the bigger picture to a lower level to pinpoint your issue’s root cause. The Extension shows a Tree Map where you can Drill Down on a measure and drill it down on any dimension. As a result of this Tree Map, you can ask relevant questions such as ‘Why is my sales not working out in X area?’. Get to the cause of these questions, analyze what caused it, and follow up!

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Product Guide

Get started with DrillDownTree!

Everything you need to know to get up and running with DrillDownTree


DrillDownTree in action!

This video illustrates the power of the DrillDownTree Solution for Tableau!


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Drill down tree Tableau


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