Keep track of your dashboards and perform analytics even better.

DashboardUsage 2.0 in Tableau


Built from the ground up with powerful new features, we are thrilled to introduce you to our completely redesigned DashboardUsage extension! DashboardUsage lets you keep track of what’s happening in your Tableau dashboards so you can perform analytics and improve the dashboards’ design. Log information about dashboard events, users and extensions!

“Improve your dashboards and perform analytics even better!”


Moving away from Google Analytics

With the introduction of the new DashboardUsage, we’re choosing to collect data and store logged events locally so you don’t have to share any data with Google Analytics anymore! Consequently, this ensures a higher level of security because you decide what to do with your data. DashboardUsage uses a local database to store information and this data can be used to power other dashboards, right in Tableau!

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dashboard events

Track Dashboard Events

Analyzing the events on your dashboard gives you more insights into how users interact with it. Firstly, configure which of these events you want to track and use insights to improve and design better dashboards! For example, remove the filters that are never clicked and make the marks that are clicked often more prominent.

Track Client Information

With the DashboardUsage extension, you have more tracking capability than ever! Track client information such as screen resolution and installed fonts, and tailor the dashboard experience for your users to serve them better dashboards! For example, use the most common screen resolution to size your dashboards so people have the best viewing experience!

The new DashboardUsage dashboard usage
Track extension usage

Track Extension Usage

Track which extensions are present and being used. Create more awareness by knowing what extensions are being used on which dashboards. For example, you can see which dashboards will be affected when you want to update one certain extension!