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Fully customize your business results and take them to the next level!

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Beautiful Dashboards

So far, background images were used to make the dashboards look better but a big disadvantage of using images is that when you’re rescaling the dashboards, the image proportions are not correct anymore. With the new extension, all containers are scalable and can be changed at any moment! Even better, themes can be saved and loaded! All containers can have a similar layout and update on change. The EasyDesigns Extension helps you to create beautiful Dashboards in Tableau to show your business results on a next level! 

Match your Corporate Identity

Changing the layout of all visuals is now easier than ever and you can even use your corporate identity in your Dashboards! Your layout can be stored in a file which you can share within your company so all employees can import and use it!


Use presets to load and store all settings. Default settings can be imported and used to sync settings over multiple containers, this way all containers look the same!

EasyDesigns in Tableau

Companywide synchronization

Changing your brand (i.e., a background color) can become very tedious when having many dashboards. Not anymore! Save your template centrally on your server and update all dashboards by only replacing or editing this file. 


“No more external tooling needed!”

Presets: Use presets to import, export, and synchronise your Layout. 

Tile: Set rounded corners and colors to your taste! You can even add a gradient where the type of gradient, crossover point and angle can be set!

Border: A border can be added to the tile. Use the slider to adjust the border thickness and change the color with the colorpicker.

Title: Add a custom title to your dashboards! You can change the font size, color and padding or set the alignment to left, center or right.

Caption: A caption can be added to the bottom of your containers in a similar way :)

Shadow: A shadow is of great use to elevate the tile and create depth in your dashboard. The displacement, blur and angle can be changed and a dark shadow can be applied, even as a light shadow.

Background: Adjust the background color to match the dashboard color!

Layout Settings

Want to have a good looking dashboard and don’t want to redo all your background images when changing a minor detail?

With the EasyDesigns extension, you can easily change many visual settings. Changing the layout of all visuals is now easier than ever, discover all the possibilities! Don’t believe it? Check our demo!

EasyDesigns in Tableau

Viz Gallery

In this Viz Gallery you can find a few Dashboards which were made with EasyDesigns. We challenge you to create your own amazing dashboard, share it on LinkedIn with the hashtag #EDviz and get featured on our page @Appsfortableau!

Take your business results to the next level!

Product Guide

Everything you need to know to get up and running

A free guide to help you get started with EasyDesigns


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Share Cloud

  • Billed Annually
  • Tableau Desktop – Tableau Server – Tableau Cloud
  • Always up to date
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  • Instant Download
  • Cloud based / 99% uptime
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  • Billed Annually
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Harm Jan Beekhuis - Developer at Infotopics | Apps fo Tableau


EasyDesigns corporate designs look like a huge timesaver, is it also possible to have multiple corporate designs?2021-11-17T19:51:23+01:00

Yes, of course, it is possible you just need to make multiple designs and you store them in separate files and drop them in the folder how it is showed in the demo of Easy Designs. So, it is definitely possible, you can make a header layout or a content layout for example.

The extension doesn’t work on Tableau Online/Server2021-09-27T15:57:59+01:00
  • Make sure the extension domain is whitelisted on Tableau Online/Server.
  • Webserver services content with proper X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy headers.
  • Extensions feature is turned on, on Tableau Online/Server.
  • The Extension server/domain has a valid SSL Certificate.
  • Tableau Online/Server has access to the Extension Server to load the extension.

You can find any issues by doing the following: While running on Tableau Online/Server in the browser open the “console” tab in Chrome Developer’s tools. To open the developers tools can be done via: Hamburger menu top right > More Tools > Developer tools. Refresh the page while the developers tools is open. Now you can see if there any issue while embedding.

Note: Tableau will show warnings with something like: ‘cannot load source map’ by default, these are not caused by our extensions. They can be identified based on the domain of the url that it warns with.

Make sure to follow our installation guide to setup the right configuration!

Common issues

CSP Header error or X-Frame-Options error.

Make sure the following headers are properly set:

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self' *;

For Tableau Server * should be your domain.

Check all security headers with the following website:

Can you use different corporate identities?2021-08-16T15:01:48+01:00
Yes, you can. You can create multiple parameters to sync the layout to. Or do not sync them at all. This way, you can set the layout for each container separately. To update the layout that you have synchronized to the parameter, just import your new Identity from a text file.

Secure on-premises solutions

All our products are secure as we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510. Your data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance. Our products are 100% secure on-premises or private cloud deployed and facilitate your workflow in Tableau, eliminating the need to move to external programs.

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