Create beautiful new visuals in Tableau with just a few clicks.

Want to quickly embed an interactive Sankey diagram to visualize flows? In urgent need for a flexible Radar Chart in your HR dashboards? Visualize a dynamic Network Graph to illustrate your department structure? We’ve got you covered. 

Sankey Diagram with ShowMeMore extension

Next-level data visualizations

Tableau guides you towards best practice visualizations with the excellent “Show Me” button but what if you need a different type of graph in your dashboard? Creating new visualizations can be challenging! ShowMeMore enables you to serve new graph types to your customers special needs!

15 Amazing visuals for your use case.

Create scalable dashboards

Save a lot of time and effort while making dashboard more scalable with little maintenance. No more need to worry about dashboards breaking because of data changes.

Improve data-driven decision-making

Create visually appealing and informative dashboards offering a unique and visually impactful way to showcase data that facilitate decision-making.

Reduce Dashboard Development time

Simply drag and drop to create complex data visualizations under a minute and save a lot of time and effort. Focus on what is really important and drive growth.