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Our platform Infotopics | Apps for Tableau offers premium Solutions for Tableau which improve business value by enabling Tableau users to address business critical use cases.

Infotopics | Apps for Tableau is worldwide market leader in premium Tableau Solutions and is actively used in 150+ countries. Gain more actionable insights with our user-friendly and value-added solutions!

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Our Story

Infotopics | Apps for Tableau began as a division, part of the Solutions department of Infotopics B.V., Tableau Gold Partner since 2011. Tableau made it possible to develop dashboard extensions from July 2018 in version 2018.2. We immediately saw the potential for our customers. Together with our Zen Master Merlijn Buit we decided to dedicate a team full time to create Tableau Extensions.

Our first extension ShowMeMore was presented as keynote by Keshia Rose at the Tableau Conference New Orleans 2018. We created very popular extensions like SuperTables and Process Mining and in 2018 we won the Tableau Innovative Solution Award also. 

Now we are market leader in Tableau Extensions. With 500+ organizations using our solutions and having partners all over the world we are growing and expanding rapidly.

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“Our goal is to keep delivering the best premium quality and high-value Tableau Solutions worldwide that people love!”


Richard van Wijk – CEO


Richard van Wijk CEO

500+ organizations are using Apps for Tableau solutions

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