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Perfectly scheduled Tableau Dashboards from multiple workbooks by email. Curious how to deliver PDF reports, CSV files or inline images of your Tableau Dashboards by email to large groups of users? Tableau Server MailScheduler is the simplest way to achieve your goal!

The MailScheduler is the missing enterprise functionality in the broad set of features Tableau Server already has to offer. Recipients (inside or outside your orginazation) do not need any Tableau experience nor do they need to logon to your Tableau Server. They will receive the filtered dashboards as PDF, CSV or inline images in their mailbox by the schedule you define. You are able to send one PDF file with several dashboards from multiple workbooks on your Tableau Server, or you can choose to send several PDF files with only one personalized dashboard. The choice is yours!

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Ever met the challenge to periodically share management information to all shop owners or outlet managers? Tableau Server is an excellent vehicle to share but…. What if if you want to send one PDF file with several dashboards from different workbooks? Or what if there’s a large group of users in your organization that has no access to Tableau Server (yet)? Ever tried to share your dashboards with people from outside your organization or behind a firewall on a regular base?

Tableau Server MailScheduler comes in handy sending multiple filtered dashboards originating from one or more published workbooks as a single PDF file to the mailboxes you want! Use filters, special views and parameters to create the personalization you need! You can even automatically store every single created PDF file on your network drive for auditing or any other purpose you want.

Tableau Server Mail Scheduler - Send personalized PDF files or embedded images of your dashboards per email to any user you wont

Awesome Features

  • Send PDF copies of your Tableau dashboards from different workbooks by email

  • Send CSV files of your Tableau dashboards by email

  • Create personalized emails with inline images

  • Use filters and/or set parameters in dashboard views to create personalized emails

  • Get a head start in implementing Tableau Software in your entire organization.

  • Automated time scheduled mailings

  • No separate reporting infrastructure needed for non Tableau users

  • Manage groups and accounts to operate the PDF Scheduler

  • Simple, flexible and reliable in scheduling and operations

  • Live and running in less than a day

  • No additional investments in hardware or licenses

  • Remote installation support available (not included in the subscription)

  • Push information to people that are not able or allowed to use the published interactive dashboards inside and outside your organization

PDF Scheduler - create mail and store personalized PDF reports from one or more of your Tableau Dashboards. This is the task configuration screen
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  • Billed Annually
  • 14 Day FREE Trial
  • Tableau Desktop
    Tableau Server
  • Be in control of updates
  • Does not require internet
  • Connect to multiple Tableau Server environments
  • On Premise deployment
    Private Cloud deployment
  • Support by ticketing system

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