Automated time scheduled mailings.

MailScheduler is a valuable tool for businesses relying on data-driven decision-making. Not only simplify and personalize your reporting process but also bring efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced data management to your workflow.

MailScheduler- send pdf reports from Tableau

Next-level communication.

Tableau MailScheduler simplifies the challenge of sending multiple filtered dashboards, originating from one or more published workbooks, as a single PDF file to anyone you want, including non-Tableau users. Use (user-specific) filters, mailing lists, special views, and many more options. It offers personalized communication options, automation for scheduled deliveries, and audit trail features, making the process streamlined and efficient.


MailScheduler Capabilities.

Effortless personalization and customization

Tailor your reports using user-specific filters, mailing lists, and special views and send targeted, relevant information to specific individuals or groups (even non-Tableau users) without manual effort.

Streamlined automation and time savings

Schedule the delivery of multiple filtered dashboards from various workbooks as a single PDF file and ensure that the right people receive the right information at the right time.

Next-level Data Management features

Store every created PDF file on your network drive for auditing, compliance, and analysis purposes. Export Excel crosstabs for detailed data sharing, enhancing your data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Automated Time Scheduled mailings

No need to be at your computer, just mail your Dashboards at a pre-defined moment. Easily set the interval and time or pause it at any moment. You can even connect multiple tasks to your schedule for the easiest experience!

Instead of sending Excel files, you can send emails with a copy of the dashboard to any recipient, whether they have Tableau or not.

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