The best dashboard explanation tool for Tableau.

DashboardGuide empowers users to make the most out of the data visualizations, making it an indispensable tool for Tableau enthusiasts seeking to elevate their dashboard interactions.

DashboardGuide Tableau extension by AppsforTableau to create and share rich help dialogues in your tableau dashboards

Improve user engagement.

DashboardGuide goes beyond the capabilities of tooltips, offering a unique way to provide users with essential background information about your entire dashboard. It enables you to effectively communicate the content and setup of your dashboard to all users, ensuring they understand the purpose and design choices behind it. This not only enhances user acceptance but also improves the overall dashboard experience and enthusiasm.

Create helpful dashboard guides.

Like any other text editor, the DashboardGuide extension allows you to create stunning help dialogues to be available in every dashboard you want. Add rich content to your dashboard in a popup or inline in your dashboard and u