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Gain insight and feedback on performance optimizations of your Tableau dashboards.

The best part? It's a FREE Extension

Performance insight - A free Tableau extension to gain insights in your dashboard performance. Receive tips and tricks to optimize performance of your Tableau dashboards

Improve your Dashboard Performance

Achieving exceptional customer satisfaction hinges on delivering high-performing, visually appealing dashboards to users. While Tableau’s flexibility and user-friendly interface are invaluable, it’s easy to overlook the complexities beneath the surface. PerformanceInsight provides a deep dive into dashboard performance and guides you toward meaningful performance improvements, ensuring a seamless user experience. It not only analyzes query performance but also provides actionable tips on enhancing your dashboard’s efficiency, offering valuable insights for creators and Tableau developers.

Performance insight - A free Tableau extension to gain insights in your dashboard performance. Receive tips and tricks to optimize performance of your Tableau dashboards
  • Receive clear advice for performance optimization

  • Gain instant insight in dashboard performance 

  • Check over 10 subjects of performance categories

  • Free extension – no cost at all

  • No programming skills – drag and drop

Secure on-premises solutions.

Governance and Security are one of the biggest priorities in developing Apps for Tableau Products. All our products are available as on-premises solutions and our data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance.

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How safe is the product?2024-02-28T16:59:47+01:00

Apps for Tableau products are safe and secure. Our products are penetration tested by an independent company every year, you can request the pentest report by contacting sales. Besides that, our on-premises subscriptions can run fully without the need of a internet connection. You can find more about data security here.

Does Apps for Tableau look at any of my data?2023-10-13T10:29:41+01:00

No this product runs locally on the computer of the client and will not send any data to Apps for Tableau. We also offer on-premises solutions which do not require any internet connection. For more info visit the Data Security page and download the whitepaper. 

Do you have a partner programme?2023-10-13T10:27:50+01:00

Yes! You can find a partner overview here.

What scores can be obtained by the PerformanceInsight extension?2021-08-17T08:23:01+01:00

The Performance Insight extension categorizes your dashbaords in categories from A (high performing) to G (room for improvement)

What is measured by the PerformanceInsight extension?2021-08-17T08:23:13+01:00

The Performance Insight extension analyses the sheets used in your dashboard. The extension analyses a lot of different aspects that influence your dashboard’s performance. Main ingredients are Query performance, complexity of the dashboard structure, Usage of datatypes, optimization of datasources and data structure.

Relevant optimization options will be presented in the findings of the extension presented to you in seconds after running the extension in your Tableau Desktop/Creator.