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Performance insight - A free Tableau extension to gain insights in your dashboard performance. Receive tips and tricks to optimize performance of your Tableau dashboards


Measure Dashboard Performance, get advice and  tips on dashboard performance 

Free Tableau Extension

PerformanceInsight extension for Tableau helps all Tableau Dashboard creators and developers gain insight and feedback on performance optimizations of their dashboards. The best part: it’s a free extension!
The best customer satisfaction is obtained when serving snappy high performing sexy dashboards to your customers/users. The flexibility and ease of use Tableau offers, sometimes makes you forget what happens under the hood. This neat extension helps dashboard creators and Tableau developers to gain insight into dashboard performance by taking an expert look into the engine.


  • Free with limited features
  • Tableau Desktop
    Tableau Server
    Tableau Online
  • Always up to date
  • Requires internet access
  • Instant Download
  • Cloud based / 99% uptime
  • Support by ticketing system

PerformanceInsight: a free Tableau extension

We believe every Tableau Dashboard creator, beginner or expert, must be able to deliver good performing dashboards to their customers. With our passion for Tableau, we love sharing our knowledge to help as many enthusiasts as possible. We are proud to serve this extension for free!

So grab your copy of this neat solution right away and start building your high performing dashboards!

Why PerformanceInsight matters

  • Gain instant insight in dashboard performance (level A-G)

  • Receive clear advice for performance optimization

  • Check over 10 subjects of performance categories

  • Expert help just one click away

  • For beginner and expert dashboard creators / developers

  • Free extension – no cost at all

  • No programming skills – drag and drop

  • Reliable support – Tableau Gold Partner

  • Crafted with love
Performance insight - A free Tableau extension to gain insights in your dashboard performance. Receive tips and tricks to optimize performance of your Tableau dashboards

Ever wondered why your dashboard seems to lack performance?

Tableau Dashboard performance issues can be caused by a number of reasons. Using the Tableau Native performance recorder might give you some details on query performance but leaves you empty handed when it comes to tips on how to improve your performance. The PerformanceInsight extension guides you towards improving your performance instead of only measuring (bad) query performance.

Performance Insight - A Free Tableau Extension to measure and improve dashboard performance


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  • Billed Annually
  • Contact for info
  • Tableau Desktop – Tableau Server – Tableau Cloud
  • Always up to date
  • No internet access required
  • Personal Enterprise portal
  • On premise installation
  • Personal enterprise support
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