HierarchyFilter icon - create hierarchies, browse your hierarchies and use them as a filter in your Tableau dashboards


Visualize, browse and interact with your hierarchies

The HierarchyFilter extension can interact with your dashboard through parameters that can be used in calculations, filters, and set/parameter actions. It also allows you to set a filter that can be used to limit the data in the hierarchy to the current node and all child nodes and mark selections of selected nodes and child nodes.

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This extension visualizes flat or recursive data into a Hierarchy filter. Instead of having multiple filters in your dashboard, you can create a hierarchy filter with only one!

Clean up your filter pane and let users interact in a new way with dashboards

Hierarchy filter in Tableau
Hierarchy filter in Tableau


  • Multi-select (hold command/windows key).
  • Filter on any level in the hierarchy.
  • Search the hierarchy.
  • Select all / Clear all.
  • Interact with filters / parameters and worksheets.
  • Lots of formatting options.


Get started

Learn how to use the Tableau HierarchyFilter extension for better interactivity and flexibility in your dashboards. This tutorial provides all the information you need to implement the extension, explaining the basic configurations and steps involved in the process and the game-changing features. Use the HierarchyFilter to investigate your data from different levels of detail, determine the data section you wish to see and make informed decisions.

Are you ready to try HierachyFilters?

Product Guide

Learn how to use the HierarchyFilter extension!

Learn how to visualize, browse and interact with your hierarchies! 


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