You completely own your SuperKPIs: take each of the components, and customize them to your preference. Everything has been created and can easily be adjusted in Tableau! Create your unique designs within the framework of SuperKPIs in Tableau!

Select from hundreds of predefined data-driven layout options which are frequently updated! The standardised KPI Card components can be assembled to your absolute will with just a click!

KPI Dashboards in Tableau Designs
KPI Dashboards in Tableau Usage


SuperKPIs will take away repetitive work from your Tableau devs and free them time for other things where their creativity is needed and thus boost efficiency and effectiveness!

Designed by our Tableau Visionaries, our SuperKPIs in Tableau have been designed to be ready to use within minutes. Easy to use by everyone!

Reduce Building Time up to 90%


Speed up your Tableau game and reduce build-times of your KPI dashboards by up to 90% with incredible performance! Slide and dice your KPI Cards in a super flexible way.

It has never been easier to create beautiful KPI cards in your native Tableau Dashboards. Use all of the Tableau functionality and power!

KPI Dashboards in Tableau Efficiency

“Apps for Tableau’s SuperKPIs templates allow you to create and maintain a wide range of KPIs with complete context, including time-series comparisons and conditional formatting for highly polished executive dashboards. Easy and fast. Apps for Tableau’s innovative template design and dashboard generator addresses all the layout, formatting, and time series adjustments required saving significant development time and ensuring a high level of polish, layout flexibility, and KPI standardization. Congratulations on creating a very easy-to-use, relevant template configurator in which the Tableau community will find much value.”

– Douglas Chope, Principal Solution Engineer at Tableau Software, a Salesforce Company

Douglas Chope

Merlijn Buit & Klaus Schulte: A Visionary cross-border collaboration

Merlijn Buit and Klaus Schulte have been collaborating ever since they both became a Tableau Zen Master/Visionary back in 2019. When they realized that they lived only a few kilometers away from each other (Dutch-German border) they planned sessions to share their Tableau knowledge and they even started working together on projects.

In SmartTemplates they’ve brought together both their unique strengths which they are known for in the Tableau universe. Well-designed and practical solutions, that can scale and therefore be used in big organizations.

Starting with KPI cards because it’s one of the most common visualizations in business reporting, and there was no fast solution for KPI cards yet. People needed something as performant as a Tableau Extension and as flexible as a native Tableau solution; that’s where the Tableau Visionaries step in. Klaus reached out to Apps for Tableau with his famous words:

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends

Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends

Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

– ​Borrowed from Ringo

And he came up with his first prototype in January. Time flew by and now they proudly present to you: SuperKPIs!

SuperKPI's - KPI Dashboards in Tableau - Merlijn Buit and Klaus Schulte
Klaus Schulte and Merlijn Buit - Tableau Visionaries
Klaus Schulte and Merlijn Buit - Tableau Visionaries

We make impact.

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Color your KPI Cards in Tableau


  • 5 templates
  • 250+ designs (variants)
  • Connect with any data
  • Reduce development by 90%
  • Flexible and responsive
  • Only 1 worksheet
  • Consistent layouts across all workbooks
  • Slice and Dice KPIs by adding it to rows and or columns
  • Native Tableau

Make Dashboard Consumers HAPPY! – How it works

Download template

Connect to your data

Replace dummy fields


Slice & Dice

Change Aggregations

Style KPIs

Embed in existing workbooks and/or dashboard

SuperKPIs – LAUNCH event

About Apps for Tableau – 1:11

Intro of SuperKPIs – 6:43

Demo by Klaus Schulte – 14:05

Q&A – 33:26

Are you ready to try SuperKPI’s?

Product Guide

Be setup in no time and create the coolest Tableau Dashboards!

A guidance through the installation process, to make it even easier for you!

Getting started

Videos to help you get started!

Guidance from our Tableau Visionaries to help you set everything up


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Merlijn Buit - Tableau ZEN Master and CTO of Apps for Tableau

Governed and Secure

Governance and Security are one of the biggest priorities in developing Apps for Tableau Products. All our products are secure as we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510 and our data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance.


What data structure can be used?2022-05-11T11:00:21+01:00

We currently have three templates: Normal transactional data where KPIs are in the columns. We have pivoted data, so if you have your KPIs in one column and the values of the KPIs in a different column and we have an aggregated pivoted, more advanced layout, which is also possible. If you have different use cases; we are up for a challenge if you have more use cases!

Which tableau version is used?2022-05-11T10:58:14+01:00

We are working with map layers and they are available since 2020.4, so that’s the minimum version you need to work with.

Can one adjust the colors?2022-05-11T10:57:09+01:00

You can change everything as it is native Tableau!

Can we work with aggregate tables ? Or does the template needs transactional / fact-dim DS?2022-05-11T10:56:37+01:00

We support transactional data, Pivoted data, and aggregated pivot data, and we are open to more challenges of course!

Would SuperKPIs also work smoothly with live data? Cross-db Relations surely could potentially add quite some load2022-05-11T10:55:56+01:00

It is the same behavior like other Cross-db relations

Is one card one sheet or multiple sheets?2022-05-11T10:54:33+01:00

Everything is one worksheet