SuperKPIs product guide – getting started2023-02-03T13:51:39+01:00
SuperKPI's - KPI Dashboards in Tableau

SuperKPIs Product Guide

STEP 1: Configure SuperKPIs

Use the SuperKPIs Configurator Dashboard to select a layout. Each change of a filter in the Configurator will result in a different and unique variant number. Variant numbers are consistent across all SuperKPIs templates (BAN, LINE, AREA, BAR, PROGRESS).

We recommend uploading all five template workbooks to your Tableau Server/Tableau Online environment in a project that is accessible for all content creators.

Memorize the selected variant and download the workbook.

SuperKPIs product guide – getting started superkpis start

STEP 2: Select Fitting Template

After you’ve opened the workbook you’ll find four different dashboards (SuperKPIs Configurator and three template dashboards) in the workbook.

Select the right template dashboard according to your data structure:

Template A: Transactional Data, KPIs in Columns,

Template B: Transactional Data, KPIs in Rows (pivoted),

Template C: Data Aggregated on Reporting Date, KPIs in Rows (pivoted)


What data structure can be used?2022-05-11T11:00:21+01:00

We currently have three templates: Normal transactional data where KPIs are in the columns. We have pivoted data, so if you have your KPIs in one column and the values of the KPIs in a different column and we have an aggregated pivoted, more advanced layout, which is also possible. If you have different use cases; we are up for a challenge if you have more use cases!

Which tableau version is used?2022-05-11T10:58:14+01:00

We are working with map layers and they are available since 2020.4, so that’s the minimum version you need to work with.

Can one adjust the colors?2022-05-11T10:57:09+01:00

You can change everything as it is native Tableau!

Can we work with aggregate tables ? Or does the template needs transactional / fact-dim DS?2022-05-11T10:56:37+01:00

We support transactional data, Pivoted data, and aggregated pivot data, and we are open to more challenges of course!

Would SuperKPIs also work smoothly with live data? Cross-db Relations surely could potentially add quite some load2022-05-11T10:55:56+01:00

It is the same behavior like other Cross-db relations

Is one card one sheet or multiple sheets?2022-05-11T10:54:33+01:00

Everything is one worksheet

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