Product Guide

Show not only good business results but let them shine too  


With EasyDesigns, you can create beautiful dashboards. Place backgrounds behind your graphs and add custom titles and colors. You can easily design your dashboards to match your corporate identity. The layout can be stored so that you can easily create and share your corporate identity.


Use containers to easily style your dashboard. Have your Corporate Identitiy propagate throughout your dashboards too. Easily synchronize the layout over multiple containers and fully customize your look. Drag the extension in your dashboard. Double click on the element to configure the layout.  Select synchronise layout if needed and setup a custom dashboard layout in a minute.

On each tab, you can change the corresponding settings. 


Using synchronize layout, multiple containers can be customized at once. Use presets to load and store all settings.  To get inspired multiple themes are already included in the extension. In the section below we will discuss how to use themes and presets.

EasyDesigns - Presets


To emphasize the viz, add a tile as background. Set the border radius and color to your taste. Click on the color square to open the colorpicker and palette. You can even add a gradient by adding multiple colors. To remove the gradient, delete the other colors and use only one color. The type of gradient and angle can be set. With the slider you can set the crossover point of the gradient.

EasyDesigns - Tile


When you use borders in your corporate design, they can also be used in your tile. A border can be added to the tile in a few clicks. Use the slider to adjust the border thickness and change the color with the color picker. 

EasyDesigns - Border


Use the container to add titles to your dashboard. When synchronized, the layout of all titles will update accordingly. Add a custom title to your designs.  You can change the font size, color and padding or set the alignment to left, center or right.

EasyDesigns - Title


A clear description of your visual is of great value. Similar to the title, a caption can be added to the bottom of your container to maintain the same style throughout your dashboard.

EasyDesigns - Caption


To give depth to your dashboard, a shadow is of great use to elevate the tile. Give a premium look to your tile. Switch on or off the light and dark shadows. The displacement, blur and angle can be changed.

EasyDesigns - Shadow


Adjust the background color by clicking on the color square. This way it matches your webpage and the background of your dashboard.

EasyDesigns - Background

Containers can be used tiled but also floating, depending on your needs. They can be easily resized while remaining round corners. You can change colors and font sizes on the fly without the need to generate a new image and import it in Tableau. 


Create your Corporate Identity

Once you have created your desired layout, synchronize and share your results. In the presets tab, themes can be saved and loaded. To have a professional and consistent look at your dashboard, use a preset file to load in your corporate identity. Use synchronize settings to update all containers that have synchronize settings enabled.

How to Synchronize settings:

  1. Create a new parameter with datatype string and all values allowed on a sheet in Tableau.
  2. Enable global settings in the EasyDesigns config menu and select the parameter you want to store the layout in.
  3. *Note that only parameters of datatype string can be selected.
  4. Customize the container and hit apply to dashboard. The layout is stored in the parameter. Enable global settings on other containers and load the parameter.
  5. On change, all containersthat have synchronize settings on, update accordingly.


In the Inspiration section, you can load default themes. Use this to set up a nice dashboard or get some inspiration quickly. 

A file can be exported or imported using the lower two rows in the inspiration section. Then the layout is stored in Tableau and can be used for further use.