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Supports countless features

Pop-up mode

Do you just want the DrillDownTree to show up when users click a button or select a mark in your dashboard? This is possible using the “Pop-Up” mode of DrillDownTree. Format the popup button to suit your corporate identity and dashboard color style.

Pop up mode in DrillDownTree
Print your Tableau DrillDownTree

Print your tree

Creating multiple DrillDownTree vizzes to print and share will allow you to tell your story by highlighting areas of success and other areas which may need investigating. This Print feature works with Tableau Cloud and Server.

Ad hoc and Root-Cause Analysis

The analytics options allow users to explore data in a more efficient way. Sorting on dimensions, switching between measures, printing and more! When drilling down on your data, use the analytics options as a tool to get instant insights whilst staying in the flow.

Analytics options in DrillDownTree
DrillDownTree - Better insights into your Tableau data through drill-down actions.
  • Flexible drilling down on any measure and dimension without predefined hierarchies
  • Customisable formatting of nodes, links, labels
  • Dashboard interactions using dashboard actions when clicking nodes
  • Popup mode to save dashboard space by opening in a popup
  • Custom calculation
  • Dashboard action
  • Ability to store the view in a parameter.

Secure on-premises solutions.

Governance and Security are one of the biggest priorities in developing Apps for Tableau Products. All our products are available as on-premises solutions and our data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance.


Does this product work on phone and tablet?2023-10-13T12:44:55+01:00


How do I upgrade or install DrillDownTree?2023-10-09T09:06:44+01:00

We have an extensive installation guide provided here and you can find the DrillDownTree product guide here

Does DrillDownTree work offline?2023-10-09T09:06:02+01:00

Yes, the on-premises version does not require an internet connection to work.

Can I request new features?2023-10-13T10:30:10+01:00

Of course! Our products thrive on customer feedback, feel free to contact us with your feature requests.