DrillDownTree Product Guide

DrillDownTree Product Guide

DrillDownTree allows you to drill down on any measure to any dimension you wish. The extension offers a flexible DrillDownTree for dashboard users. It will let you visualize data across multiple dimensions without setting up Hierarchies upfront. It automatically aggregates data and enables drilling down into dimensions in any random order the user chooses without having to create Tableau hierarchies upfront. The DrillDownTree is a valuable tool for ad hoc exploration by your dashboard users and conducting root cause analysis in your Tableau Dashboards. It hugely contributes to the self-serviceness of your dashboard users in an easy and understandable self-guiding way.

Setting up your dataset

For best practice and to get the best performance on your dashboard, we recommend dropping the measure(s) and dimensions on to the detail of your marks card on a separate/new worksheet. This will give DrillDownTree the best performance and flexibility for dashboard actions. See the image below for an example of how to set up your datasheet to feed the extension. All dimensions available on the datasheet can be used in the users Drill Down path. For tips and advice check out our BLOG.

The datasheet needs to be on the dashboard. It is not the most pretty visualization so it is best to hide it for your dashboard users on the dashboard. To do so: Add the worksheet to your dashboard as a ‘floating’ container. Then edit the size to 1x1px (and the position also to the 1,1 x,y position). This will make your datasheet active on your dashboard without being shown.

setting up your dataset in DrillDownTree

Parameter, Dimensions & Measures

DrillDownTree view

There are plenty of features once you have configured your DrillDownTree that can help you get the most value in your viz.

Remove a dimension from your drill down path

You may have drilled down too far or just wish to go back a dimension to drill down on a different dimension. To do this, simply click on the header at the top of the view, to remove from your DrillDownTree view. You can even remove a dimension in the middle of your Drill Down path in the same way (just by clicking on it). The animated gif shows how easy your dashboard users can remove dimensions from the active drill down path.

Closing Dimensions in DrillDownTree

Analytics Pane

The analytics pane has been added to the DrillDownTree, it enables the user to explore data in a more efficient way. Great new features such as sorting on a dimension, changing the measure that’s being drilled down on, print button and more! When drilling down on your data, use the analytics pane as a tool to get instant insight whilst staying in the flow.


Add your measures in the data tab. You can add multiple measures which can be changed easily using the analytics tab. Save once all are added.


Next up let’s enable the Analytics Pane. In the side pane we are all used to seeing, you will notice a new icon near the bottom. Use the tick boxes to choose what’s useful to you and then save above to implement the changes.

DrillDownTree update DrillDownTree drilldowntree

The Analytics Pane

Now that everything has been set up a light bulb icon will now visible be in the side pane, that’s where the magic happens. Get instant analytics on your data without affecting the DrillDownTree you’ve created.

Sort Options

Sort on your dimensions ascending or descending on value or now alphabetically! This will change the order of each dimension shown in your view. Below the sorting is the measures chosen in the data pane.

Measure Options

Click on your chosen measure and your DrillDownTree will instantly render. NOTE: change the name of the new measure in the label tab or your side pane.

Other Options

When Tableau Online/Server you’re able to print your DrillDownTree, it’s available here in the analytics pane. Alongside is the clear all button when you need to clear the view and start again.


Clear all

Sometimes you wish to just start again, to do this in the top right hand corner you will see a X button, clicking this will clear your current Drill Down path and allows you to start from scratch. The animated gif shows how dashboard users can reset their drill down path with just one click. It is that easy!

Clear All in DrillDownTree

Print the DrillDownTree

Print your DrillDownTree on Tableau Online/Server. To show the print button in your view click on the ‘nodes’ icon on the sidebar (second one down). Scroll down to where you will see how you can enable the print button to be shown in your view. Save your changes.


The print to PDF icon is now shown in the top right of your DrillDownTree viz. The DrillDownTree viz that the user creates can then be printed to PDF using the icon. 


Drilling down

Once you have configured your DrillDownTree you will see your chosen measure in the view. Use the + button alongside your node to start drilling down. Clicking the + sign will show a dropdown with all the dimensions that are available to Drill Down on… You can do this on each node to drill down further. The animated gif shows how easy it is to populate your drill down path.

Drill Down Example


There may be a time that not all the members of a dimension fit the view vertically. This will result in a node with the title “Other” Click on ‘Other’ where it will show the remaining members of the specific dimension that were not shown in the initial view. Below an example of the “Other” pill in your DrillDownTree.

Other in DrillDownTree

Horizontal scroll-bar

Drill down as much as you wish whilst keeping a beautiful viz using the horizontal scroller. This will appear once you have drilled on a few dimensions and the entire tree does not fit your container horizontally.

Horizontal Scroller in DrillDownTree

Configuration of the extensions

When you are using the extension in Edit mode (eaither in Tableau Desktop or on Tableau Server / Online) you will see a configuration menu bar on the left pane of the extension. This pane holds the configuration options to be discussed in this section of the Product Guide.

We love to make solutions and help Tableau users to do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions or need support, please make sure to share it with us! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest news and updates.