Job Offer

Web developer with a passion for data


  • Fluent in English

  • Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience

  • Knowledge of modern web frameworks, databases and structured development (compontents, GIT, SCRUM)


  • 40 hours per week

  • 25 vacation days

  • Joint and individual training. Much is negotiable in terms of training opportunities

  • Retirement plan available

  • Secondary employment benefits: profit sharing, Macbook, phone, and Car/PT

Coding 60%
Analyzing 20%
Team Meeting 10%
Testing 10%

Apps for Tableau

Our platform Infotopics | Apps for Tableau offers premium extensions for Tableau which improve business value by enabling Tableau users to address business-critical use cases.

Infotopics | Apps for Tableau is the worldwide market leader in premium Tableau Solutions and is actively used in 150+ countries. Gain more actionable insights with our user-friendly and value-added solutions!

Easy to use and you’re hooked up in a matter of seconds! Just drag and drop your favorite extension in a dashboard and you’re ready to go. It is as simple as that!

About the position

You are a web expert who will join our Developers team and support the building of new products. Part of your job is to solve these inquiries, as it results in happy customers! And lastly, you get to collaborate on every facet of the company – Technical, UI, UX, and Marketing, website.

You have entrepreneurial and investigative skills. You see opportunities and start working on them immediately. You communicate well with the team and you look out for each other. You are technically skilled but always think from the user’s perspective. You have excellent written and spoken command of English. Dutch is a bonus.

  • You are a programmer with enthusiasm for data

  • You have a knowledge of Web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Node)

  • You participate in all facets of the company (Engineering, UI, UX, and Marketing)

Richard van Wijk CEO

“You have a scale up mentality with enormous freedom and responsibility in an international team. You can work independently, connect quickly with the team when challenges arise, speak fluent English, and be innovative in data visualization and analysis. You want to be the best in the world with us. In addition, you have a great sense of humor, and you also like to have fun!”

– Richard van Wijk – CEO


Siebe Grijpma - Product Manager

Siebe Grijpma

Product Manager

Siebe Grijpma - Product Manager

Siebe Grijpma

Product Manager

With our development team, we like to work at the office on Tuesday and Thursday :)

agenda working at infotopics | apps for tableau

Case Example

When the customer asks for new functionalities, you consult the technical feasibility of the requested functionality with the development team and the sales team. The sales team will make sure they come to an agreement concerns the payment with the customer. When agreed, you’ll start doing research to find out the possibilities, by testing and coding. You’ll prepare a prototype and will consult this with the development team. The sales team will show your prototype to the customer. When the customer agrees with the prototype and the payment is done, you will develop the product. 

Growth Opportunities

There are plenty of growth opportunities with us. You will start as a Web developer and can advance to Medior/Mid-Level Developer, Senior Developer or Team Lead.

There are also opportunities to switch (partially) to product manager, marketing, sales, and partner management. 

You are constantly working on your personal growth path by attending training courses and workshops, both individually and collectively. There is much freedom in this.

1 Mid-Level Developer

2 Senior Developer

3 Team Lead

4  Partial switch to product manager, marketing, sales, and partner management

Harm Jan Beekhuis

You should come work here because we are a fun and growing team with plenty of opportunities. We develop great products with a global customer base (the highlight is the presentation of our products for Facebook).

Harm Jan Beekhuis, Developer
Jenne Morsink
YOU, as an individual, become part of a real family. Apps for Tableau looks at your talents that you can use. There is much room for personal growth; you will work in a close team with an informal atmosphere where fun and cooperation are essential. The products we create are amazing and I’m super proud to be part of it!
Jenne Morsink, Marketing & Communication
Yoram de Langen
You should come work here because we are a dynamic and young company, with people with a passion for their profession.
Yoram de Langen, Data Developer/Tableau Extensions Architect
Richard van Wijk
The combination of fun, a dynamic international team, delivering high-quality services, global customers, freedom, and responsibility, and growth make it worth coming here to work!
Richard van Wijk, CEO

“You should join Apps For Tableau when you want to define the future at a dynamic scale-up, developing premium quality apps that global customers love. You should not join Apps for Tableau when you like fixed structures, times, and delineated roles.”

– Siebe Grijpma, Product Manager

Siebe Grijpma - Product manager

Founded in 2019