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Supports countless features

Cards Layout

Flipped images in picturethis

Ideal for a clean and beautiful display. Showcase your images and data together in a polished layout. It’s user-friendly, customizable, and packed with features like easy sorting and filters.

Grouped Cards with Table Layout

Flipped images in picturethis

Dive deeper into each aggregated card with an embedded interactive table. View detailed specifics of every item and utilize the table’s interactive features, such as column sorting, for a comprehensive and versatile data analysis experience.

Grouped Cards with Mini Cards

Group Cards with mini cards Layout in PictureThis in Tableau

Elevate your dashboard’s presentation with interactive mini cards alongside each aggregated card. A click on a mini card swiftly updates the main card’s details, blending functionality with a visually appealing design for an enriched data exploration experience.

Flipped Images

Flipped Images PictureThis in Tableau

Add a back image column to existing images and emable for a more immersive and interactive experience as users can hover over an image to reveal its back image. Hover to reveal a secondary image, giving you a quick peek into different aspects of the same item.

Table Layout

Flipped images in picturethis

Organize and view with precision. Display your images in rows, with columns detailing each image’s specifics. Beyond its structured view, this layout offers handy tools like filtering, sorting, and interactive actions, ensuring you have all you need for a comprehensive data experience.

Group Table Layout

Flipped images in picturethis

Group and view data with ease. Rows are neatly bundled based on specific values, and you can see calculated data for each group. This table is packed with features: you can sort with a click, change the grouping on the fly, and do so much more, all in a user-friendly setup.

Interactive Dashboard Actions

Dahboard actions in PictureThis in Tableau

Click to filter data seamlessly between PictureThis and your dashboard, or tap an image to view it in your browser for a closer look.”

Horizontal Group Table Layout

Horizontal Group Table Layout

Get the same Group Table Layout but in a horizontal orientation. The table will grow horizontally for those times when height becomes a constraint.”

Export Seamlessly

Export to excel in PictureThis in Tableau

Instantly generate a PDF or Excel version of your dashboard, complete with images and original formatting, capturing every detail with precision

Key Features

  • Unlimited amount of images
  • No filesize limitations
  • No size constraints
  • Support for any image format (png, jpeg, webp, gif)
  • Support for lazy loading
  • Print to PDF
  • Export to Excel including images
  • Inline Sorting
  • Inline Search
  • Pagination Support
  • Tooltips
  • Custom card content with HTML support
  • Theming
  • Conditional background coloring

Secure on-premises solutions.

Governance and Security are one of the biggest priorities in developing Apps for Tableau Products. All our products are available as on-premises solutions and our data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance.


How do I get the images to show in PictureThis?2023-10-13T15:05:28+01:00

When configuring PictureThis your datasheet must hold the data that holds the URL for your images. The URL must be pointing to the image directly ( not (

Does this product work on phone and tablet?2023-10-13T12:44:55+01:00


Can I customize PictureThis?2023-09-15T14:22:27+01:00

Yes, you can create custom card content with HTML support, add theming with conditional background coloring and use tooltips.

Can I do inline sorting and searching?2023-09-15T14:20:37+01:00

Yes, PictureThis supports inline sorting and searching.

Can I export to Excel and PDF?2023-09-15T14:20:00+01:00

At any time you can export your dashboards to PDF or Excel with the corresponding images and barcodes. This way, you can easily use the data for reports or collaboration with others.

Do you support lazy loading?2023-09-15T14:19:10+01:00

Yes, we support lazy loading in PictureThis.

What image formats does PictureThis support?2023-09-15T14:34:56+01:00

We support all image formats such as png, jpeg, webp, gif. and more.

Are there any (file)size limits?2023-09-15T14:17:56+01:00

No, you an upload any file size you want.

How many images can I upload?2023-09-15T14:16:26+01:00

You can upload an unlimited amount of images in PictureThis.

How safe is the product?2024-02-28T16:59:47+01:00

Apps for Tableau products are safe and secure. Our products are penetration tested by an independent company every year, you can request the pentest report by contacting sales. Besides that, our on-premises subscriptions can run fully without the need of a internet connection. You can find more about data security here.

Can I request new features?2023-10-13T10:30:10+01:00

Of course! Our products thrive on customer feedback, feel free to contact us with your feature requests.