Why SuperTables a complete game-changer for LIMOSS is

SuperTables has become a core component of LIMOSS’ application thanks to the extensions’ table functionalities. With it, non-technical users can easily create tables and reports and analyze data without having to extract the data to Excel.


London Market Operations & Strategic Sourcing (LIMOSS) is a not-for-profit company owned by the LMA, IUA, and Lloyd’s that sources and operates common Market Services for the London Insurance Market to deliver high-quality service and value for money.

“Our vision is to deliver world class Market Services to the London Insurance Market. Our mission is to professionally source and operate common Market Services used by the London Insurance Market. Our purpose is to deliver high quality service and value for money through being the London Insurance Market’s central, leveraged team for managing Market Services.”

Before using SuperTables

LIMOSS uses an application that provides metadata to the London Insurance Market, particularly reporting standards.  In order to facilitate and improve the user experience, LIMOSS decided to integrate their application into Tableau. In the application, non-technical users can publish data in an easy and concise way. Even though Tableau is a fantastic visualization tool, it could not fulfill the organization’s needs when creating table grids and having full functionalities over them. This is where SuperTables came to the rescue!

Easily create tables and reports in Tableau

Thanks to SuperTables, LIMOSS’ non-technical users can easily create tables and reports in Tableau. A user being able to sort the data, extract what they need, and manipulate the data in the application, rather than exporting it to Excel and manipulating it there, has undoubtedly contributed to a smooth experience. Working in this quick and simple way has reduced the delivery time scales and has proven to be a perfect fit for the company’s needs.

dashboard SuperTables

*Example of SuperTables Dashboard

“This is a complete game-changer for our application. It makes our application work. SuperTables is a core component, and we wouldn’t have our app without it. That’s why I’m quite satisfied with using it!”

– James Courtney-Smith, Business Data Architect at LIMOSS

Turn the tables

  • 1

    Excel-like features

  • 2

    Powerful Tables

  • 3

    Allow users to decide how to organize their data

  • 4

    Create a self-service model

  • 5

    Design your own Tables

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