Fewer reports, more personalized user views, and improved collaboration

Using SuperTables and WriteBackExtreme

One of our customers – an analytics consultancy company based in Canada, is creating Tableau dashboards for their clients to use in data analysis and reporting. Thanks to SuperTables, they can create a report which can be shared with various users who can view it through a personalized view for their role. Having a lesser number of reports results in less maintenance required. And with WriteBackExtreme, teams can improve their collaboration.

Creating multiple personalized views with SuperTables

SuperTables is mainly used to support the activities of the financial teams. Prior to the extension, there were a lot of static reports created for their clients that would answer approximately 85% of their questions. There was a gap for the other 15%, which could not be answered through the regular reports. Thanks to the easy self-service functionality of SuperTables, their customers improve efficiency by using fewer reports to respond to 100% of the questions.

Reports are often created for Accounts Receivable to track the incoming financial flows. Now only two reports using SuperTables are used with the Personalized View option of Tableau Server. They made seven personalized views, which could be assigned to different users. In this way, everybody can easily switch to their view inside the same report, eliminating the need to create seven separate reports. Easy, self-service, and user-friendly!

By using SuperTables, we are able to have a lesser number of reports. And because we have a lesser number of reports, there is also less maintenance.”

– Tableau dashboard designer at the company.

Improving collaboration with WriteBackExtreme

In addition, WriteBackExtreme is implemented to facilitate communication and collaboration. Now, customers can add comments to their clients’ accounts. Afterward, these comments are ruled back to the database, and then they are able to analyze them further. For example, they can determine how much money still has to be collected, how much money cannot be collected and what the next steps must be.

When we talk about a new report to customers, they always say, “Oh, can we make sure that we have this ability to drag and drop the data to get easy insights with SuperTables?”

– Tableau dashboard designer at the company.

Customers love it!

Thanks to the self-service of SuperTables, customers are impressed with the way Accounts Receivable reports look, can be changed in seconds, and how flexible it is to pivot and group data to get valuable insights. SuperTables is extremely easy and intuitive.

The next step is using WriteBackExtreme, which enables you to leave comments on specific data points and have real-time information on the status of accounts. This feature has a huge value and is completely governed and secured.

Extensions can certainly make a difference!

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