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The Infotopics | Apps for Tableau Partner Network is an extended team of trusted and experienced Tableau consulting and reseller partners serving all industries across geographical regions in your native language. Our network focuses on helping customers unlock the real power of data with our premium Tableau products so you can stay in the flow without leaving Tableau!

Together with the team of Apps for Tableau, our partners will assist you in getting huge value by using our premium products in your entire organization. Every partner gets a personal partner portal, we organize events and write blogs together, and we send monthly newsletters so the Apps for Tableau Partner Network can learn from the valuable use cases that our customers and team experience all over the world!

Apps for Tableau partner network

“Individually we are one drop, together we stay in the flow!”

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“Individually we are one drop, together we stay in the flow!”

Our amazing partners


Slalom Consulting

Slalom | | USA | UK | Germany

Slalom is a global consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation. In 41 markets around the world, Slalom’s teams have the autonomy to move fast and do what’s right. They are backed by regional innovation hubs, a global culture of collaboration, and partnerships with the world’s top technology providers. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Seattle, Slalom has organically grown to over 11,000 employees. Slalom has been named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For six years running and is regularly recognized by employees as the best place to work. Learn more at

Infotopics logo

Infotopics | | THE NETHERLANDS

Infotopics organizes analytical excellence in your business with an integrated focus on People, Processes and Technology. It is our mission to enable organizations, departments and, above all, people to find insights and answer questions based on data. We get data into the hands of the ‘common business user’, the person who will recognise and understand patterns and can relate them back to her domain of expertise.

All of this is possible thanks to a new generation of analytical tools like Tableau, Apps for Tableau and a partner who can help you attain a data-driven culture in your company and get the maximum amount of value from your data. Infotopics is that partner, helping you see your data, understand it so you can act based on decisions that matter. We help you organize for analytical Excellence. We offer an extensive pool of expertise with experienced and certified consultants/trainers. Our Infotopics Academy transfers knowledge and reinforces capabilities in a learning journey on an individual and organizational level.




Biztory was founded in 2015 in the bustling city of Antwerp in Belgium. Our goal: bring data visualization to people with a hyper-focus on the product Tableau.

Now, years later, we provide full-stack digital data strategies with the same passion in mind: People.

Each of our partners (Tableau, Fivetran, and Snowflake) has played a key part in our success. Resulting in strong relationships with our partners. We are a multiple award winner of Partner Of The Year, Creating Customers For Life, and many more across our vendors.

We have business units in Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and expanding rapidly into new regions.

Geoffrey Smolders, Co-Founder & CEO of Biztory


Visualitics | | ITALY

“Our mission in Visualitics is to help companies become data-driven organizations: we want to create freedom for creativity between everyone so that they have an impact on their company, work, and towards achieving their personal goals. We believe that the key to understanding and interpreting data lies in the way it is displayed.”

At Visualitics, we believe that it is essential to provide the best possible consulting and training services so that change is truly within everyone’s reach, with the participation of stakeholders. Adopting new behaviours and changing one’s ability to read data transcribed in visual form is not easy, and that’s where we come in: by adapting to the client’s requirements, we promote interaction between the development team and the end client, to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the execution process.


InOutsource Consulting

InOutsource | | USA

Industry-leading global consulting firm InOutsource is dedicated to resolving the unique challenges faced by law firms. InOutsource empowers clients to streamline processes and improve performance. The company encourages firms to transform data assets into actionable insights to uncover opportunity. With a focus on Information Governance and Analytics, InOutsource reduces risk and enables its clients to leverage information to drive strategy. For information visit our website.

Co data


“CO data’s mission is to deliver exceptional data visualizations to serve finance & controlling professionals.”

At CO data a team of passionate data visualization artists and finance & controlling experts has been assembled. They know and understand finance departments’ challenges and design highly performant Tableau dashboards to support its processes in the best possible way.

CO data is led by Dr Klaus Schulte. Klaus is a professor of controlling at Münster School of Business at FH Münster in Germany. He won Iron Viz at Tableau Conference Europe in 2018 and has been recognized as a Tableau Zen Master multiple times.


Xeomatrix - Enterprise Business Intelligence

XeoMatrix | | USA

XeoMatrix is a leading provider of enterprise business intelligence products and services. Our solutions simplify analytics so customers can gain insights from their data to make critical business decisions. XeoMatrix specializes in delivering highly scalable solutions utilizing the industry’s leading technologies. For over a decade, we’ve provided professional services nationwide to SMBs and Fortune 100 companies. Learn more at


The information lab Italy

The Information Lab | | ITALY | SPAIN | PORTUGAL

The Information Lab delivers Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions using our Industry Expertise and Knowledge. Our certified consultants and trainers will drive your team’s growth. Providing leading-edge tools with Visual Creativity and innovative Self-Service technologies that empower individuals and teams with Insights • Trusted Advisory on your DataStrategy • Deep understanding of your Company Data • Delivering the WOW Factor in the communications and Insights we provide • Empowering Leaders and Managers with Data Solutions that will enhance their performance and careers





T1A is a multinational IT solution provider specialized in business intelligence, robotic automatization processes, enterprise marketing automation, advanced business analytics, and information management technologies with offices in Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and North America, employing over 1500 skilled consultants. We focus on customer intelligence solutions across industries. Our consultants help numerous organizations implement and fine‐tune marketing campaigns, analyze campaign performance, and develop solutions for marketing effectiveness since 2004.


VizDJ - Tableau Training in UK

Visual Data Jockey | | UK

You have chosen to implement Tableau in your organisation and are looking for the most value adding ways you can get you and your team up to speed given your time, resources and budget.

As a leader, you want your team delivering dashboards that improve performance, quickly and repeatedly.

We tailor our delivery approach for every step of your journey…

…from beginners to subject matter experts

…for dashboard designers, analysts, data providers and casual users.

Imagine if your team could deliver action-driving insights, quickly & repeatedly with Tableau? Our mission is to help you scale out Tableau, rapidly and cost effectively by enabling data driven decision making. This can only be done by improving data literacy throughout the whole of your organisation. This is a transformational journey, and one that we relish guiding you on.




Data2Diamond | | SPAIN

Data2Diamond provides cutting edge Data Visualization solutions to help the decision-makers to understand and analyse their data and thrive their business to the next level. Built on vast experience in the industry of Business Analytics, Data2diamond has provided analytical solutions throughout multiple industries i.e. Aviation, Banking and FMCG Retail. Data2Diamond is a data-driven organization with unique expertise in implementing Tableau solutions to drive the full potential of Business Analytics.


Data Street Partners USA

Data Street Partners | | USA

Data Street Partners is a data & analytics company focused on designing and delivering best-in-class full-stack solutions for the Financial Services Industry.



Data Compass

Data Compass | | CHINA

Data Compass was established at the end of 2018. The philosophy of Data Compass is simple: helping enterprises to become data-driven organizations in every aspect of daily business. At that moment, Data Compass is focusing on “Intelligent Search” for eCommerce websites. Data Compass developed a very unique in-memory approach to modelling the merchandise and providing guided search and experience management faster and more fun, at the same time, eCommerce is becoming the national power in China. Because of the uniqueness of using data, Data Compass is also the business partner in database domains, such as Oracle, MySQL and TigerGraph. As the name of the company, Data Compass is a data-driven solution provider to help their customers in digital transformation.

In 2019, Data Compass expanded its’ data-driven business into RPA/OCR to support several F500 enterprises in China. After the big achievement in hyper-automation, Tableau (China) invited Data Compass as the business partner in China in 2020 to deliver visualization solutions to help people see and understand data. Data Compass also provide their own ETL platform (based on DataX) for Tableau users. Believing in the power for the people, Data Compass also established its own Tableau community -“Dear Data” to accelerate fundamentally changes in enterprise data culture.


Let’s host an event together!

We love to host (online) events together with our partners! Our experts can attend as speaker, give some cool demo’s and answer questions!

Partner event VizDJ - Steve Adams and Siebe Grijpma

Agenda example

  • Introduction of your organization
  • Introduction of Infotopics | Apps for Tableau
  • Short pitch: value of our products + use cases
  • Live demo’s of our product(s) by you and/or Infotopics | Apps for Tableau
  • Q&A

Total +/- 45min


Join our Live Session with Information Lab Italy! Community partner Information Lab Italy
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