Navigating Workforce Dynamics with Our Innovative Tableau Solution

We are excited to introduce our latest Tableau workbook, a comprehensive solution designed to transform your HR analytics experience. This workbook seamlessly integrates powerful extensions that empower you with game-changing functionalities, flexibility and insights.

HR analysis in Tableau


HR Analytics – Employee Overview

Employee Demographics Analysis

Discover the trends shaping your workforce with our Employee Demographics Analysis section.

A visually stunning monthly bar chart displays the gender distribution over time, complemented by two additional charts that considers age groups for each gender. Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce composition and identify potential areas for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Employee Demographics Analysis
Performance and Development analysis

Visualising Employee Performance and Development

Navigate through the intricacies of employee performance and development with three bar charts highlighting contract status, training initiatives, and performance metrics.

Key indicators are intelligently presented, with minimum benchmarks highlighted for quick reference. Empower your HR team to make informed decisions on talent development and retention strategies.

Compensation Package Insights

Analyse the heart of your organization’s financial health with our Compensation Package Insights. A monthly bar chart that showcases total pay checks, emphasizing peak values, while a dynamic Gantt chart breaks down the gender pay gap based on educational degrees. Gain a comprehensive view of your compensation strategy and identify opportunities for optimization.

Compensate Package in Tableau

Expense Analysis with SuperTables

Elevate your expense analysis game with our revolutionary SuperTables extension. At the forefront is a waterfall chart from the ShowMeMore extension, offering a bird’s-eye view of departmental contributions to overall expenses in the past year. Below this, the SuperTables extension takes centre stage, providing dynamic, Excel-like tables for in-depth analysis.

In the active field of HR analytics, our latest Tableau Power Workbook is your key to unlocking actionable insights and streamlining decision-making. This integrated solution, packed with extensions, offers flexibility and depth, transforming the way you approach human resource management.