SuperTables 3.1

SuperTables 3.1 is now live and it’s smarter and more colorful than ever! Our team has worked hard on calculations and huge improvements in exporting and theming. Our development is driven by feedback from our valued customers. All improvements and new functionality are delivered to solve more use cases and improve SuperTables for all our customers.

Export conditional formatting to Excel

Background and text coloring on dimensions, measures and/or calculations will be included in the export to Excel. All fields with a conditional color formatting will keep that formatting when exported to Excel. Transfer the look from your Tableau SuperTables to Excel with this fantastic improvement!


SuperTables Export to excel conditional formatting

Improved layout of group rows when exporting

Groups will now automatically indent, are bold and have an improved look and feel. No extra formatting needed again when exporting groups, it’s already looking great and ready to share with your team. SuperTables gives you clear understanding of your data from Tableau also when exported to Excel.

SuperTables Group Exporting

Date field improvements

Our goal is to make Supertables easy to use for all. Even more important, we want to add more value to your dashboards. Filter your date field by using the new window in the filter pane, if you need to filter on dates, it couldn’t be easier.

SuperTables Date Fields

Filter a date range. Use the helpful date window to filter your data over a range in your data set. Have your start date set to ‘greater than’ and you end date to ‘less than’ and SuperTables will show only the data for your selected period.


SuperTables Date Fields Range

CountD is now possible!

Making Count Distinct a possibility in SuperTables has been a great challenge for the team but a challenge we’ve come through. Show the distinct members of any dimension or measure in your dataset when choosing your aggregation method on grouped rows.

SuperTables CountD
SuperTables Font Size

A SuperTable for all

Font size can now be changed to suit all your users. When there’s a lot of fields on a busy dashboard it may not be clear to all. Increase the font size to be more readable. You can also inherit Tableau fonts to match your corporate identity applierd in your dashboard!

We love to make solutions and help Tableau users to do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions or need support, please share them with us! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest news and updates.