Increasing work efficiency and quality with WriteBackExtreme

Automating processes with WriteBackExtreme has added much value to the Tableau experience of a big construction company on the East Coast of the USA. Thanks to the Extensions, they were able to reduce manual work while saving time and improving the quality of their project execution.

Before using WriteBackExtreme

In construction, especially when you are an internal contractor, things must be done by the books. This results in having to adhere to hundreds of different key tasks that must be completed in the different phases of the construction project.

To ensure these tasks were completed on time, the project teams at the company created checklists in the form of spreadsheets, which they had to manage manually. Specifically, they had to send out surveys to the individual teams, ensure those teams submitted their responses to the specific questions, and continuously keep track of the progress. This whole process was extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

However, since the business was already using Tableau for their data analytics, they decided to look for a solution to this use case that would work in the environment of Tableau. This search led them to the WriteBackExtreme Extension.

Creating highly dynamic real-time checklists

With the help of Tableau and WriteBackExtreme, the company could automate this entire process, resulting in a highly dynamic real-time checklist that brings in project data from their data model on a real-time basis!

Real-time checklist in Tableau

In particular, WriteBackExtreme is included in their dashboard, so when project team members use real-time data, they can directly go to the dashboard and respond to these key questions that are relevant to their project. WriteBackExtreme then keeps an audit trail, so managers can see which user signed in, what date they responded to the question, and can even modify responses based on changes. More importantly, the extension enables managers to analyze this data in the future and track the project teams’ overall performance to determine if they could complete the tasks on time.

Thanks to automation, the tasks are automatically added or removed from the checklist every day when the company has updates to their project attributes and as they begin with new projects or end old ones. There is no longer a need to track progress or input and delete tasks manually.

Achieved Results

Before WriteBackExtreme, the business had a separate team responsible for managing the project teams and the checklists and completing all the tracking manually. Thanks to the extension, the company can now have roll-in live checklists, which the project teams can fill in live, and the process is automated. The extension has certainly freed up a lot of time for the teams and has improved the quality of internal work.

Insights from Ratings

“Our internally created real-time checklist, along with the WriteBackExtreme integration, has provided our company with a level of compliance oversight that was not available in the past.”

– Director of Operational Analytics

DashboardUsage 2.0

Apart from WriteBackExtreme, the organization is also using another Apps for Tableau Extension in their dashboards. DashboardUsage 2.0 enables the company to track utilization statistics for products that are rolling out to their customers.

The organization has invested heavily in its data analytics in the past four years. They have been curating more data from their projects throughout the years. As a result, they have created a customer dashboard that shows all information across financial schedules and construction administration, which can be viewed in real-time. DashboardUsage 2.0 allows them to track the utilization of these dashboards and be able to make critical decisions in the future.

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