This extension adds 10+ visualization types to your Tableau toolkit that are not present in the “Show Me” function of Native Tableau.

Create stunning Sankey Diagrams in minutes, enable your dashboard designers to use Radar Charts or compare sets using super attractive Venn Diagrams and many many more! All with the flexible power and interactivity of Tableau!

Sankey Diagram

The Sankey Diagram visualizes the flow of a measure over multiple dimensions. Start visualizing the flow of money through your organizations departments or see what paths your visitors enjoy on your website. You can create your first Sankey Diagram in under a minute…

Sankey diagram in Tableau

Setting up your datasheet

The ShowMeMore extension can connect to an existing visualization (or table) in your dashboard to retrieve the data. Best practice and performance wise however we recommend creating a dedicated datasheet for the Sankey diagram. To create a dedicated datasheet we recommend dropping all dimensions and measures you want to use in your Sankey Diagram on the details of the marks pane. This will enable the best performance and allows dashboard actions to act on this dedicated Sankey datasheet. See screenshot showing how our demo workbook has been set up. For tips and advice check out our BLOG.

Setting up your datasheet in ShowMeMore
Setting up your datasheet (2)

You do need to add the datasheet to your dashboard since the ShowMeMore extension is a Dashboard Object that retrieves data from another sheet in the dashboard. Once you added the blue squared datasheet to your dashboard you can hide it by making it a floating container and resizing the container to 1×1 pixel. The datasheet has to remain on the dashboard!

Configure Screen

Select Data Sheet

Once you start configuring ShowMeMore, the extension automatically scans the dashboard for available sheets. Make sure you added your datasheet to the dashboard before opening the configuration screen. Don’t panic If you forgot to add the datasheet to the dashboard. Just close the configuration, add the datasheet to your dashboard and start the configuration again. Select the worksheet you want to retrieve data from (preferably your blue squared datasheet). This worksheet will be the input for the visualization you pick in the next step.

Configure Screen in ShowMeMore

Customize Sankey Diagram

Choose the dimensions you wish to show in your Sankey Diagram. Use the dropdown menu to select the dimensions from your datasheet that you want to be present as levels in your Sankey Diagram. These levels will be visualized in the Sankey diagram from the left to the right. Use the ‘Add’ button to add another level. Assign the measure you want to use in the Sankey by clicking on the measure dropdown menu.


Format your link and node tooltip. Use the short codes and/or free text. You will see the list of available short codes you can use. How they are displayed in the box will be how you will see them in your tooltip.

Sankey Diagram in ShowMeMore


Number format

Format your measure to a decimal or a percentage using the dropdown menu. Enter the amount of decimal spaces shown under ‘decimals’. Add a ‘Prefix’ and/or a ‘Suffix’ in the text boxes. A prefix will go before the word and the suffix after. A prefix for example could add a currency ‘$’ and a Suffix could add a ‘%’.

Display Units (Decimal only)

Within your data there could be large values. Here you can format using separators. Use the dropdown menu to display numerical units. Example: 6,744 – 6.74K. Use the tick box to include thousands separators. Example: 1234 – 1,234.

Font Size

Use the dropdown menu to change the size of the font from 50% – 150%. Changing the font size will affect all fonts within your Sankey Diagram.

Font Family

Use the dropdown menu to change the font best to suit your dashboard.

Font Color

Clicking on the circle shapes will open the color palette. Nodes, Links and Headers can all be changed separately using their own palette.

Label Editing

Format what is shown on your nodes, to and from them. You may add free text as well as using short codes from your data (Example: ) For extra formatting try using HTML like H1, IMG tags or Bold. Bold a word and reduce text sizing is available Node Label

Within the text box, enter what you wish to be displayed within your node labels. Format to get the best look for your Sankey Diagram. See above for tips.

From Link Label

Next to each of your node labels, you will be able to display a label which can be entered within the text box. An example would to show the percentage of target. Example.

To Link Label

Have a label shown before your node labels. This could be useful to show a percent of your target. Use the text box to enter your information and see animated gif on how this will look when displayed.

Dashboard Actions

Dashboard actions are available within your Sankey Diagram! Use the ‘New Action’ to begin setting up the dashboard action.