SuperTables 3.4

 We’re thrilled to roll out SuperTables 3.4, an update marked by amazing new features such as End-User Formulas, If-Else Calculations, and enriching Tooltips. Every feature was crafted with feedback of our valued user at the centre. The result is a suite of enhancements that directly respond to your feedback. Dive into the details below to discover how these updates can elevate your data experience. 

Front-end formulas

With this update, we are rolling out Front-End Formulas, a transformative feature that brings huge value into the hand of end users. This feature allows those interacting with the dashboard, not just its creators, to create custom calculated columns using existing data fields. The formulas are stored in the parameters to make them persistent.

To make this process as intuitive as possible, we’ve introduced a new “Formulas” side panel. This simple yet powerful interface enables users to construct advanced calculations supporting multiple data types such as decimals, currency, and percentages.

Calculated fields with If-Else Conditions

The value doesn’t stop here – with the introduction of the If-Else formula builder, users are equipped to perform even more complex and condition-based calculations.

Unveiling another powerful feature in SuperTables 3.4, we present the If-Else Formula Builder. This tool brings conditional logic into your calculated fields, allowing you to define conditions and determine different values or calculations based on these conditions.

Our If-Else Formula Builder integrates flawlessly into both the calculations builder within the configuration and the newly introduced formula builder. This offers you the flexibility to construct intricate, condition-based calculations effortlessly.


We are proud to roll out a significant new feature: Tooltips. This enhancement offers users a quick, on-demand glance at additional data, augmenting the depth and detail of your insights. Hover over any cell in your table and a tooltip will provide more granular information, all configurable via our advanced tooltip editor. 

Row-level Tooltips – Row-level tooltips enhance the data viewing experience. They offer a succinct overview of an entire row’s data at a hover. Ideal for maintaining a clutter-free table while ensuring detailed data is just a hover away. With these tooltips, you enjoy both simplicity and access to comprehensive information.

Column-Specific Tooltips – SuperTables 3.4 goes one step further, enabling the configuration of multiple tooltips, specific to certain columns. If there’s additional or unique data you wish to view for a specific column, these column-specific tooltips are your perfect solution. Flexibly, users can choose to replace the row tooltip with a column-specific tooltip or display it separately, either above or below the row tooltip.

Image Embedded Tooltips – We’re also excited to announce the ability to incorporate images within tooltips. Images can be sourced from absolute URLs, column values, or a blend of both, enriching the information provided in your tooltips and offering a more dynamic and engaging data viewing experience.

With the introduction of tooltips, SuperTables 3.4 elevates the user’s data interaction, making your data exploration more intuitive, detailed, and insightful.

Further Improvements and Enhancements

As part of our continual commitment to refinement and user experience, we’re delighted to include several additional updates and fixes in this version:

  • Users now have the option to view negative values as absolute values, for simpler and more straightforward data interpretation.
  • To further enhance visibility and access, the grand totals of all columns can now be displayed at the top of the table, as can the subtotals of each group.
  • For users seeking a cleaner view, we’ve provided an option to remove the index column from the side panel.
  • We’ve also worked on improving the configuration page layout. You’ll notice the button and tab now remain fixed for quick changes, while the content within the view is scrollable accessible.
  • Addressing user feedback, we’ve removed the Product Guide tab from the configuration due to cookie issues on our website. But don’t worry – you can still find the Product Guide under the About tab.

This update represents our continued commitment to our users, with each feature shaped by your invaluable feedback So, go ahead, dive in, and let these upgrades empower your data journey. We are eagerly waiting to hear about your new experiences and insightful suggestions.  

For more in-depth information about these new features, please check out our Product Guide.  

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