WriteBackExtreme 2.3.0

Introducing WriteBackExtreme 2.3.0! This update revolutionizes the Tableau experience for data analysts, offering an array of powerful features and customization options.



With the new theming options, data analysts can personalize their dashboards by selecting header and card colors, as well as adjusting the font size for labels. This allows for a visually appealing and cohesive design that matches their organization’s branding.



One of the standout features is the ability to create conditions on the worksheet level, enabling users to add records based on specific criteria. This functionality provides greater control over data entry and ensures data integrity within the Tableau environment.


Bulk Edit improvements

The option to show/hide specific input fields for bulk editing simplifies the data management process. Data analysts can focus on relevant fields, streamlining their workflow and enhancing efficiency.


Font Scaling

The addition of font scaling for titles (labels) allows for better readability and presentation. Users can now adjust the font size according to their preference or the requirements of their audience, ensuring that key information is easily accessible.


More ways to save data

The update also improves the process of creating separate records from multiple data points. This enhancement saves time and effort by automatically generating individual records, making data analysis more precise and comprehensive.


UI Improvements

Furthermore, the default UI of the extension has been refined, enhancing user experience and making navigation more intuitive.


More Improvements

Fixes included in this update address issues that may have hindered collaboration and productivity. The priority icon is now correctly displayed in collaboration, improving visual cues for important tasks. Additionally, the select all button now selectively chooses only editable rows, avoiding the accidental selection of non-editable data.


Closing words

WriteBackExtreme 2.3.0 empowers data analysts to take their Tableau analysis to the next level. With enhanced customization options, streamlined data entry, improved UI, and bug fixes, this update ensures a seamless and efficient workflow for Tableau users. Explore the possibilities and unlock the true potential of your data analysis with WriteBackExtreme.

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