WriteBackExtreme 2.4.0

Introducing WriteBackExtreme 2.4.0!

This update revolutionizes the Tableau experience for data analysts, offering an array of powerful features and customization options.

As data analysts, we understand the power of efficiently managing and updating data directly from Tableau dashboards. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the release of an exciting new update for WriteBackExtreme, our powerful Tableau Extension designed to streamline data writing capabilities. With these latest enhancements, you’ll experience improved functionality, increased collaboration options, and enhanced data correction features. Let’s delve into the key features introduced in this update:

Export/Import Settings
Managing your settings is now more convenient than ever. We’ve added an option to export and import your WriteBackExtreme settings, allowing you to effortlessly transfer your configurations across different dashboards or share them with colleagues.

Improved Multiple Record Creation
We understand that speed and accuracy are vital when creating multiple records simultaneously. With the new update, when selecting multiple marks on your Tableau dashboard, WriteBackExtreme enables you to generate individual records swiftly. Moreover, dynamic populated values are now connected per record, ensuring that each entry retains its unique information.

Multiple Record Customizable Default Behavior
We understand that each user has unique preferences when it comes to data selection. With the latest update, WriteBackExtreme offers an option to set the default behavior when selecting multiple marks or no marks at all. Tailor the extension to match your workflow and choose the most convenient default behavior for your data editing tasks.

Multiple Record Menu Display Customization
To provide a clutter-free and intuitive user experience, we have added the ability to hide or show the menu for selecting behavior when multiple marks or no marks are selected. Customize your workspace to suit your needs and focus on the most relevant data without distractions. Our goal is to empower you to work seamlessly within your Tableau environment.



Select All for Collaboration Module
Collaboration is at the heart of efficient data management. To enhance collaboration capabilities, we have introduced the ability to select all rows within the collaboration module.

More Form management options
We recognize that managing fields during row creation and editing is a crucial aspect of data management. To simplify this process, we have split the option to hide fields for creating rows and editing rows, enabling greater control and flexibility. Now you can tailor the view to match your specific use case.

Improved Number Formatting
Precision and accuracy are paramount when dealing with numerical data. In this update, we have enhanced number formatting when using dynamic default values, ensuring that your data remains consistent and aligns with your desired format. You can now rely on WriteBackExtreme to handle number formatting seamlessly, reducing errors and enhancing data quality.

Enhanced PowerTools Layout
The Data Correction vertical layout of PowerTools has received significant improvements in this update. We have refined the layout, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for data correction tasks. Easily identify and rectify data anomalies, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your datasets.

General improvements
We fixed a bug that previously prevented you from adding a record when global records were disabled and multi-select was enabled. Additionally, we have addressed the problem of selecting “add” and subsequently encountering routing issues when choosing a different datapoint.



Improvements to Data Helper

In our ongoing efforts to enhance your data management experience, we are pleased to introduce improvements to the DataHelper module within WriteBackExtreme.


Data Helper: Always Show Records in the Table
With the latest update, we have added an option to always show records in the table within the DataHelper module.

Data Helper: Resolved Routing Issue when Selecting “Add”
Previously, a bug hindered the routing of data when selecting “Add” and subsequently choosing a datapoint. We are pleased to announce that this issue has been resolved.

Data Helper: Fixed Record Updating with Different Datapoints
In the previous version, there was an error that prevented the proper updating of records when selecting a different datapoint. We have addressed this issue, ensuring that your records are accurately updated, regardless of the selected datapoint.


Management Console

In addition to the previously mentioned updates, we are thrilled to share three more improvements that further improve the functionality and reliability of WriteBackExtreme Management Console:

Database Table Creation improvement
We understand the frustration that can arise when encountering obstacles while creating a database table. In this update, we have resolved an issue that previously prevented the creation of a database table that had already been created. Now, you can effortlessly create and manage your tables without any hindrances, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted data management experience.

PostgreSQL Workflow Saving
For our users who rely on PostgreSQL, we have addressed a bug that caused workflow saving to fail due to a mismatch in column types. With this fix, you can confidently save your workflows, knowing that the column types will be accurately maintained.

Access Token Error with Workflows
We understand the importance of security and access control when working with workflows. In this update, we have fixed an error that occurred when an access token was missing in workflows. Rest assured that your workflows will now function properly, without any disruptions due to missing access tokens.



We are committed to continuously improving WriteBackExtreme to provide you with a reliable and efficient data management solution within Tableau. By adding new features and addressing these quality of life improvements, we aim to ensure a seamless experience for everyone. Upgrade to the latest version of WriteBackExtreme today to take advantage of these exciting new features. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements as we strive to empower you with the best tools for your data analysis needs.

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