WriteBackExtreme 4.0

Our biggest update of this year for WriteBackExtreme, with over 100 new features and improvements we are happy to show you the power of WriteBackExtreme 4.0

User Roles for Management Console

Introducing User Roles enables you to specify the role assigned to each user, thereby allowing you to control their actions within the management console. For instance, the Schema Manager is granted permission solely to oversee their respective schemas. The roles introduced include Schema Manager, Connection Manager, User Manager, and Administrator.

Groups based access for connections

By implementing group-based connections, you can determine which groups are granted access to specific connections. In the Management Console, users will only see their assigned connections and schemas. This feature helps with a seamless integration of WriteBackExtreme within your organization, ensuring that departments are not exposed to each other’s connections and schemas.

Multi site support for Tableau User Sync and more

We’ve incorporated the ability to choose multiple sites from your Tableau Server when synchronizing users with WriteBackExtreme. This allows you to mirror the existing structure on your Tableau Server. In cases where you’re syncing from multiple sites, group names will now carry a prefix corresponding to the site name.

New bulk import with support for Excel files

We have entirely revamped the bulk import module within the extension. Now, you have the flexibility to choose any Excel file for import. This enhanced bulk import module facilitates the mapping of Excel columns to the appropriate columns in WriteBackExtreme. We have also enhanced the feedback mechanism for identifying missing cells or incorrect values, ensuring a smoother import process.