Supercharge your Tableau Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tableau Viz Extensions

Tableau and the possibilities within your data analytics journey are evolving. The recent Tableau Beta Preview introduces a groundbreaking innovation — Viz Extensions.

ProcessMining in Tableau

Why Viz Extensions benefit your business

Viz Extensions give you the freedom in visualizations—the abilities to go beyond standard visualizations and tailor your data storytelling. For businesses, this translates into more impactful presentations, easier and deeper insights, and, ultimately, better decision-making.

What can be done with Viz Extensions?

Viz Extensions are fully integrated in Tableau Worksheets. As a Tableau user, you will have the power to explore insights and present information in entirely new ways. The endless possibilities for next-level visualizations and analytical charts enable you to craft a narrative and gain insights that make the impact you seek.

How to use Viz Extensions?

Viz Extensions allow you to use additional visualization types onto the Tableau Worksheet Marks card currently available at Tableau Beta.

You can simply add new visualizations by selecting the “Add Extension” option in the Marks type dropdown and easily format it in your Tableau Worksheet.

Sankey chart with viz extensions

Are you ready for the best Tableau Extensions?

Our Premium Tableau Extensions, trusted by over 600 companies in 150 countries, provide the capabilities you need to Super Charge your Tableau experience.

Here is a simple guide on how to try our Extensions for free:

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Transform Your Data Journey

Are you ready to make your analytics journey smoother and more impactful than ever? As Tableau opens new doors for creativity and progress, we’re thrilled to present Extensions that have become the number one choice for companies globally.

Elevate your data analytics game and make impact with data!

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