Migrating Your Tableau Extensions from Server to Cloud.

We understand that transitioning your Extensions from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud may raise questions, however, this process is smoother than you might think. Apps for Tableau Extensions (on-premises and SaaS) have been designed to adapt effortlessly to the cloud environment and your Tableau dashboards will have the same functionality and visual appeal, ensuring that your data-driven decisions are never compromised.

Checking the Extensions Whitelist

The whitelist is a security measure to control which Extensions can be used within Tableau. While your Extensions may have been whitelisted on Tableau Server, it’s a good practice to double-check this configuration after migrating to Tableau Cloud.

To make this transition even smoother for you, follow the three simple steps listed below on how to check and update the Whitelist for your Extensions on Tableau Cloud.

whitelist extensions


Access the Tableau Cloud Console: Log in to your Tableau Cloud account and navigate to the administration console.


Extension Whitelist Settings: Locate the Extension Whitelist Settings in the admin console. This is where you’ll manage the permissions for using different Extensions.


Verify: Confirm that your Extensions are whitelisted for use on Tableau Cloud. If they have been whitelisted on Tableau Server, they might need re-approval for Tableau Cloud.

(4) Update as Necessary: If needed, update the whitelist settings to include your trusted Extensions. This process is straightforward and ensures that your dashboards continue to function seamlessly. Read more about whitelisting here.

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