Self Service BI: how to implement it in practice?

Business Intelligence (BI) is indispensable to continue functioning successfully as an organization. In the past, this was the domain of a separate ICT or BI department. Modern technology, however, makes it possible to give everyone in an organization access to data. Nice, but that’s not all. How do you make sure that people can aggregate the data, analyze it and turn it into added value? That is a real challenge that is mainly on the plate of the CEO.

Data as part of your organizational compass

The days when your organizational compass was formed by a combination of intuition and common sense are gone forever. A company that wants to be and remain successful in this data-driven world must ensure that it has its Business Intelligence (BI) in order. This means: having access to sources relevant to the organization, being able to properly interpret data and subsequently take action.

The closer this takes place to the shop floor, the better. There used to be a separate department providing BI support for the entire organization. Modern technology makes it possible for every employee to work with data and thus achieve Self Service Business Intelligence (BI): the business employee himself extracts value from data. This offers the opportunity to optimally connect to the questions of a department. But the right technology alone is not enough.

Data as part of your organizational compass
Creating added value with BI with a change management approach

Creating added value with BI with a change management approach

To implement BI, more is needed. You only really create added value when employees can work with data in their daily practice. That is a challenge. Often the processes are not set up for this and a large proportion of the employees are not trained for it.

How do you make your organization Self Service BI proof? How do you take your employees with you in the (cultural) change that comes with this? And how do you bring them to the desired level of competence?

Data-driven work requires a change management approach. It starts with the corporate strategy. Where are you as an organization, where do you want to go and how do you ensure that your data strategy fits in seamlessly? Once you have that in focus, you can formulate goals.

Then it’s important to link competencies and roles to these and to attune your personnel policy, education and training to them.

Translating to practice

Sounds like a lot of work? It is. At the same time, of course, you can start small, improve step by step and experience how much fun data-driven work is. Think of connecting the different strategies, putting the urgency on the organization-wide map, awakening the motivation of employees and ensuring they are equipped with the right knowledge and skills.

Our partners at Infotopics can help with that! They are well versed in all aspects of BI: people, process, technology, culture and data. Moreover, they operate in different sectors and they know that each sector requires a different approach. With different roles and competencies and therefore a different training program.

Infotopics Translating to practice
People make the difference - Infotopics

People make the difference

As mentioned above, technology is a must, but employees make the difference. Their curiosity increases when they see that their own practice is central. That data provides answers to their questions and contributes to realizing the ambitions of the department.

The motivation of employees grows when they experience that the work processes are designed in such a way that they stimulate data-driven work. And when they discover how pleasant it is to no longer have to tie all kinds of data from different sources together, but to have everything relevant available in a single overview. If they experience success and notice that they are really successful in extracting value from data and adding it to their own work process.

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