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Supports any use case

Add Data

Add or change data that is connected to the visualizations present in your dashboard and immediately see the changes.
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Data Helper

Create, edit and delete records from your custom table without changing existing data and eliminate Excel-based workflows.
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Data Correction

Perform data corrections from dashboards where inconsistencies are detected using the full audit trails with rollback capabilities.
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Management Console

Use the highly configurable, Management Console and authorize access to different roles of users.
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Learn about WriteBackExtreme’s Enterprise-ready data security, supported databases and custom Single Sign-On providers.
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Add Data

When you want to add a forecast or play a What-If scenario, the WriteBackExtreme extension allows you to add or change data that is connected to the visualizations present in your dashboard. You can see the changes and experience the impact. The data is safely stored in your database and does not overwrite your existing data. By adding and writing back adjusted forecasts, the effect of changes is visible in the Tableau visualization almost instantly.


The Collaboration template is a part of the Add Data module. It allows you to create annotations and comments on marks in your visualizations from within your dashboard. Consequently, this improves the collaboration in dashboards and makes it highly efficient. Keep track of your expert annotations and conversations on your most valuable assets.

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Wbe data helper product page

Data Helper

With Data Helper, you can create a custom table from within your Tableau dashboard to store data and join it back in your Tableau dataset or use it in a different process. Use this module to eliminate Excel-based workflows and sheets that are floating around in your organization. Through this module, you can include in your analysis and track information that is not yet available in your database. The Data Helper allows you to create, edit and delete records from your custom table without changing existing data.

Data Correction

Some Data Quality use cases demand changing existing data in your database. For example, if you have a dataset based on sensor data, you might want to correct existing values or add missing data points. The Data Correction module allows you to do that. Your dashboard users can perform data corrections directly from the dashboards where they detect the inconsistencies.


Data Correction

Management Console

The powerful Tableau write-back capabilities offer a highly configurable and governance-induced Management Console. The control room of the Extension is password protected and allows authorized access to different roles of users. Advanced permissions structure, groups, and user management are some of the valuable features in terms of security.

Permissions can be carefully assigned to specific users in order to comply with your governance and security policies. Authorized users can create schemas in predefined database connections. The dashboard designer determines what fields will be presented and prompt to the dashboard users in your unique WriteBack scenario.


WriteBackExtreme is an on-premises solution for Windows and Linux. WriteBackExtreme has been penetration tested, provides authentication with SAML and works natively with any IDP providing a seamless authentication.

WriteBackExtreme support full audit trails with rollback capabilities, your changes to the data are secure and governed.

Writebackextreme architecture
WBE installer enterprise

Easy Installation

The advanced installation, testing, and setup procedure for WriteBackExtreme is incredibly user-friendly. No technical expertise is required and there is no need for additional products like IIS.

Be up and running in no time.

Key features

  • Advanced Form Builder

  • Connect to existing tables

  • Create new schemas (tables)

  • Global Filters

  • Dynamic field population

  • Field validation

  • Add/Edit Conditions

  • Cascading Dropdowns

  • Theming

  • Connect to a single Tableau Datapoint (marks)

  • Connect to multiple Tableau Datapoints

  • Connect to none Tableau Datapoints (marks)

  • Dynamic filtering based on Filters / Parameters

  • Bulk edit and import (Excel) data

  • DTAP Support

  • Windows one-click installer

  • Linux installer

  • Management Console

  • Advanced Permissions System

  • Easy License Management

  • SAML Authentication

  • On-premises solution

  • Works with Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server

  • ISO27001 Secured

  • Penetration tested

  • System logs

Supported Databases

  • Snowflake

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Google Big Query

  • Redshift

  • PostgreSQL

  • Teradata

  • MySQL

  • SQL Lite

WriteBackExtreme extension Tableau Supported Databases

Endless possibilities

Secure on-premises solutions.

Governance and Security are one of the biggest priorities in developing Apps for Tableau Products. All our products are available as on-premises solutions, we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510 and our data and user access is secured under Tableau’s governance.


Does this product work on phone and tablet?2023-10-13T12:44:55+01:00


Does WriteBackExtreme work with Tableau Cloud and/or Tableau Server?2023-09-26T15:29:37+01:00


Can I request new features?2023-09-14T09:13:22+01:00

Of course! Our products thrive on customer feedback, feel free to contact us with your feature requests.

Does WriteBackExtreme work offline?2023-08-30T14:18:51+01:00

Yes, WriteBackExtreme does not require an internet connection to work.

How safe is the product?2023-08-30T14:18:23+01:00

WriteBackExtreme is safe and secure. It is penetration tested by an independent company every year, you can request the pentest report by contacting sales. Besides that, our company is ISO27001 certified and our product runs fully on-premises without the need of a internet connection. You can find more about data security here.

How often are updates released in the Extension?2023-09-14T09:24:03+01:00

Our release cycle is monthly, we do release hot fixes in between. You can find our changelogs here.

How do I upgrade or install WriteBackExtreme?2023-09-21T12:36:57+01:00

The advanced installation, testing, and setup procedure for WriteBackExtreme on Windows is incredibly user-friendly. No technical expertise is required and there is no need for additional products like IIS. View the installation manual for Windows here. For Linux we have a different installation procedure which you can find here.