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Pricing WriteBackExtreme2023-09-26T15:23:30+01:00


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  • Billed Annually
  • Pricing that fits your needs
  • Free on-premises trial available
  • On-premises installation
  • One click installer for Windows

  • Works with Tableau Cloud and Server

  • Customer success manager

  • Support via live chat, email and video
  • Personal enterprise portal

Trusted by industry leaders.


Can I purchase Extensions/modules seperately?2023-08-30T14:01:21+01:00

Yes, we also offer combined licenses, feel free to contact sales about this. 

Does Apps for Tableau look at any of my data?2023-08-30T14:02:14+01:00

No, WriteBackExtreme is a on-premises solution without the need of any internet connection. Our SaaS solutions are hosted in an isolated Azure environment only accessible for a by you approved group of engineers.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?2023-08-30T13:59:40+01:00

You can contact sales at any time to request a cancellation.


Are all WriteBackExtreme modules included when I buy?2023-08-30T15:04:06+01:00


What is the renewal period?2023-08-30T15:04:36+01:00

We offer an annual renewal.

Can I change my licenses at a later moment?2023-08-30T13:58:03+01:00

Yes, you can contact sales at any time to upgrade or extent your license.