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We have very exciting news for WriteBackExtreme users! Today, we are launching WriteBackExtreme version 1.2.0. This release is focused on new Database Connections, Authentication in Extension, A new WriteBack engine and improvements and enhancements to all products (extension, backend and API). We have also upgraded all our internal packages to the latest version to make sure our product is secure.

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With WriteBackExtreme version 1.2.0 you can now enable 3 different authentication methods to add even more security to your WriteBackExtreme environment. You can either choose for no authentication, username + password and pincode. We are also looking at authentication with Tableau Server and other SSO modules and these are on the roadmap. 

Amazon Redshift connector

With the release of 1.2.0, we support Amazon Redshift as an official database connection with our improved database engine. You can use Amazon Redshift to create schemas and to do write back actions. It is also possible to connect to existing tables using the data correction module.

Oracle Database connector

With the release of 1.2.0, we support Oracle Database as an official database connection! You can use Oracle Database to create schemas and to do write back actions. It is also possible to connect to existing tables using the data correction module.

Database engine Plugins

We have listened to your feedback! With our new innovative database plugins system you only need to install packages when you enable a plugin. This makes the product much easier to update, install and maintain! Super innovative features from our development team 😍

Improvements to extension

  • Added multiple authentication methods: No auth, Pincode, Username & password and more to come!
  • Implemented refresh authorization token on new authentication methods.
  • Added label for wysiwyg editor.
  • Improved messages and hits throughout the system.
  • Fixed minor bug(s) for number format based on locale.

Improvements to Management console

  • SQLServer connection port isn’t required anymore or prefilled with default port.
  • Added Oracle database connection and support.
  • Added Redshift database connection and support.
  • Added options for different extension authentication methods.
  • Allow data-correct to change string and select field types.
  • Added SCHEMA field for PostgreSQL database connection.
  • Changed internal API request calls.
  • Downgrade vue-fragment to 1.5.1.
  • Added hint messages throughout the management console to improve usage.
  • Added plugin system to enable/disable database connections.
Write Back Extreme for Tableau. Stay in the flow, stay in Tableau use your Write Back scenario

We love to make extensions and help Tableau users to do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions or need support, please make sure to share it with us! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest news and updates.

Improvements to our internal engine

  • Ported project to Laravel and build it as a Phar.
  • Added preparation for more connection Support rules.
  • Added patching system.
  • Added plugin system for future database connections.
  • Added more extension authentication mechanismes.
  • Added Redshift database connector.
  • Added Oracle database connector.
  • Renewed build process.
  • Compressed build version.
  • Using original JWT package for authorization
  • Introduced Laravel validation.
  • Started on converting majority of System DB communication via DB Models.
  • Improved Snowflake plugin to prepare for case sensitive or default Snowflake (WIP)
Important for Snowflake users: It’s required to have a driver configuration `NoExecuteInSQLPrepare=true`. Snowflake default executes [prepare statements](https://docs.snowflake.com/en/release-notes/2020-08.html#odbc-driver-2-21-6-changes-to-the-handling-of-ddl-statements-in-sqlprepare-and-sqlexecute) but it’s not default ODBC behaviour.
– When upgrading from earlier versions of the WBE set environment variable `SNOWFLAKE_COLUMNS_CASE_SENSITIVE=true`.

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