The new WriteBackExtreme 1.5 update!

Hello again Datafans!

A new year is upon us and I am excited to share the new features and improvements in our WriteBackExtreme 1.5 update. A huge thanks to our customers with their valued feedback, we have worked hard to continue to innovate and improve WriteBackExtreme for you.

WriteBackExtreme 1.5 is one of our biggest updates yet and in this blog we will share some of the highlights with you. Security has been tightened with new sign in tools as well as WriteBackExtreme security gets tested to the fullest. Cool, easy to use and of course great added value features such as bulk edit and import of data, duplicate rows and more. So let us share with you the highlights of WriteBackExtreme 1.5!

Experience WriteBackExtreme 1.5.0! 

Let our CTO Merlijn Buit guide you trough all the new updates in WriteBackExtreme 1.5.0.


Single Sign On (SSO). Available for Azure and more to follow!

A much requested feature for WriteBackExtreme is now available in 1.5. This is of great value in conjunction with Tableau Server sync of Username/User Groups and group memberships. All users will need verified credentials to have access to the use of WriteBackExtreme on your dashboard. Save time and gain even more control on your access permissions in WriteBackExtreme. Follow our tutorial to set this up.

Bulk import your data

Import bulk data from Excel! It’s now possible to import from Excel by copying and pasting directly in to WriteBackExtreme.
Our example shows a list of missing orders, a simple copy and paste later and they’re on our dashboard! By clicking on the bulk import button we simply paste our copied data and our records will be shown. We can edit if needed before importing. All data is now clear on your dashboard for your colleagues to see and investigate on.

Bulk Import WriteBackExtreme
The new 1.5 update of WriteBackExtreme Educational Content writebackextreme update

Bulk Edit added to Add Data and Data Helper modules

Bulk editing your data allows you to change multiple values at once.
In our example our values should all be the same at 1000. It allows us to highlight them and edit in one instance all our values. Use it to change a status easily, also. Save time, get the job done.

Duplicate Rows in Data Helper and Add Data modules

We have added a real time saver to 1.5! Duplicate an existing record within WriteBackExtreme. Your new record will be presented prefilled for you to edit the values you wish.

WriteBackExtreme Dropdown searchable

Dropdown fields are now searchable

Search the records by just typing your search string. Easy. User Friendly. 

New field type for select fields: Radio buttons

Make your forms even more attractive by offering radio buttons as an alternative to the drop down menu. Using the radio button allows users to quickly choose between the available options in your list. Radio buttons allow users to choose an option with a single click, even more user friendliness.

The new 1.5 update of WriteBackExtreme Educational Content writebackextreme update

Improved Dynamic Population engine

Our dynamic population engine allowed users to pre fill fields in your form with data from your worksheet. We have now improved this feature so it only populates fields when you are adding a new row. This is much more efficient and you now have a more fluent user experience.

Security improvements

Since our recent upgrade we put WriteBackExtreme though a penetration test and are proud to announce no issues were found. We have already implemented some small suggested improvements and will continue to do so. For instance we changed the security options in the Management console default is now username/password instead of no authentication.

Enable disable global

Enable/disable multiple mark selection and global comments in Add Data & Data Helper Modules

WriteBackExtreme allows you to add comments and data to one, none or multiple selected records in your dashboard. Dashboard creators can now force their users to only add data on a single data point.
For example this will prevent any loose comments not linked to a specific mark. More control for the creator resulting in clean dashboards and resulting Write Back datasets. Your + button will be grayed out if no mark is selected and global comments are disabled, ensuring focused input.
Tick boxes alongside each box allows users to bulk edit multiple records in one instance, disabling will make those tick boxes disappear! 

Learn more about WriteBackExtreme

Product Guide

How to configure and use the WriteBackExtreme extension


Super handy video tutorials to get you up and running!

Installation Manual (Linux)

How to install the WriteBackExtreme extension in your Linux environment

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